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2 Advice on FIELD ACTIVITIES with farmers

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1.AGRO CONSULTANCY and  Visit Services to farmers 

2.Training & Capacity Building programs

Climate is changing and this change is becoming a challenge.Climate change has direct effects on productivity and quality of produce.Climate change indirectly effects soil fertility,crop health and also on our soil and water resources.We cannot change our climate but adoption of better agriculture management practices lessens the direct and indirect effects of climate change

Prime Minister प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्र मोदी addressed पूसा कैंपस DELHI में आयोजित Krishi Unnati Mela 2018 

कृषि उन्‍नति मेला held on 16-18 March, 2018 दिनांक 16-18 मार्च, 2018 all AGRI INPUTS at once place in krishi unnati mela

Union Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh inaugurated the three-day National Agriculture Fair Krishi Unnati Mela on March15,2017 at IARI,Pusa,New Delhi.krishi unnati mela provides information on new farm schemes and technologies that help farmers to increase their income.Krishi Unnati Mela stalls display latest advancement in agri-research and technology development

krishi unnati mela is an opportunity for farmers to get information on organic farming,avail on the spot soil and water testing facility,have a look on live demonstrations on production technologies of crops, horticulture, Integrated Farming System,Water use efficient technology for micro irrigation and sensor based irrigation system,Recycling of waste water for agriculture and protected cultivation system.कृषि उन्नति मेला Krishi Unnati Mela ehhibits various agricultural industry products including farm equipments, quality planting materials, bio-fertilisers, agro-chemicals, innovative farmers' products and agricultural machinery and digitization in agriculture.

केन्‍द्रीय कृषि एवं किसान कल्‍याण मंत्री श्री राधा मोहन सिंह द्वारा कृषि उन्‍नति मेला का उद्घाटन 15 मार्च 2017 को आईएआरआई परिसर,पूसा,नई दिल्‍ली में किया गया । भारतीय कृषि अनुसंधान संस्‍थान (आईएआरआई) हर साल कृषि मेले का आयोजन कर किसानों और उपभोक्‍ताओं के बीच कृषि अनुसंधान और नवीनतम प्रौद्योगिकी के विकास की प्रगति को प्रदर्शित करता है।

Farmers can approach agriculture information resource persons and pool of persons with agricultural knowledge who are having independent professional careers as agroconsultant or those employed by government institutions. Basic and technical knowledge is required to reach all kinds of farmers involved in agricultural production.

After B.Sc.(Agri.) degree, agriculture graduates pursue higher education in AGRICULTURE AND ALLIED SCIENCES to become agriculture specialists in various fields of agriculture science such as Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology,Agricultural Entomology, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Agricultural Economics,Agricultural Statistics, Agricultural Meteorology, Agricultural Extension and many more subjects

Agri based industry, agro based manufacturing sector or agro-processing, trading and other services involving agricultural food production enterprises in agricultural sector or any other component of rural non-farm economy (RNFE) grows with services of agriculture specialists 


Eligibility of Qualifying Examination for AIEEA-UG: (Other than Veterinary Sciences)

Must have obtained not less than 50%  in aggregate in 10+2 examination or equivalent with PCM/PCB/PCMB/PCF subject combinations/Inter Agriculture for admission under General, UPS (Under Privileged State) and OBC (Non-creamy layer) categories or 40% marks in aggregate for admission under SC, ST and PC categories. However, candidates with PCF combination are eligible for admission to B.Sc. (Horti.) only. For details, refer Information Bulletin (AIEEA-UG) on NTA website ICAR PG Scholarship is awarded to meritorious candidates seeking admission in the Agricultural Universities where  Master degree programme consists of course and research work. SYLLABUS National Talent Scholarships (NTS) is available through the Agricultural University concerned to every student admitted on ICAR seat at any Agricultural University located in a state different from their state of domicile. From 1996 to 2018 ICAR’s All India Entrance Examinations for Admission to BACHELOR DEGREE PROGRAMMES [ICAR AIEEA (UG)] for an Academic Session was conducted by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) भारतीय कृषि अनुसंधान परिषद (आई.सी.ए.आर.) ICAR is under administrative control of Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE) established by the Ministry of Agriculture. एन टी ए (नैशनल टेस्टिंग एजेन्सी) National Testing Agency (NTA) is an autonomous organization under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

Agricultural productivity improve by modernization and technological upgrading.

Development and adoption of new scientific methods and technological applications reduce production costs

Improvement in the quality of raw and processed agricultural products

There is a need to promote major improvements in storage, packing, standardization and transport of agri-food products.

Bt Brinjal could not be commercialized in India after protests from environmentalists concerned about toxicity issues,particularly in case of herbicide tolerant GM crops.Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), under the Environment Ministry stopped commercialization of Bt Brinjal in 2009-10.

India's first transgenic food crop .........GM mustard Dhara Mustard Hybrid 11 or DMH 11 ....... finally approved in the year 2017 .GM crop approved for the first time in India was Cotton(a non-food crop) in the year 2002. Sixteen years later, cotton variety PAU Bt1 has been developed at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Cotton variety F1861 developed at Punjab Agricultural University converted to Bt by Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR), Nagpur. RS 2013 developed at Rajasthan Agricultural University (RAU), Bikaner converted to Bt by Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR), Nagpur. The seeds of new बी टी कॉटन PAU Bt1, F1861 and RS 2013 could be reused by farmersFarmers can keep their own harvest for next sowing season when they sow Bt cotton varieties PAU Bt1, F1861 and RS 2013 These variety have cry1Ac gene that imparts resistance against bollworm complex

Vegetable crops may soon be in the list of GM crops in Indian agriculture



Agriculture always requires strengthening of innovation processes through experience sharing of PPP models (public-private partnership)  and  IFS models (Integrated Farming system) among various stake holders. The farm sector investors should also have clear understanding of feasible project reports before sourcing funds for agri-business. Agricultural Value Chains should be strong enough to support Livelihood improvement programs. Environmental and social issues continue to share space in strategic analysis and implementation of programs run by developmental organizations. Agriculture science skills can help improve lifestyle among urban community through gardening and basic knowledge of day to day farm activities can improve livelihood of rural communities. Keeping these objectives in mind my currently work includes offering Gardening Classes and providing Agro consultancy Services to the very humble farmer. This contributes to their individual growth, strengthens the capacity of learner through this kind of vocational skill, catalyzes spirit of  learner’s contribution to community and national development

Agrarian crisis and Agricultural crisis – Issues and Solutions,Enhancing area under irrigation and achieving water use efficiency through PMKSY, Promoting Organic Farming through PKVY, Creating a National Integrated Market through National Agricultural Market,Promotion of Horticulture,Promoting Pulses and Oilseeds in Rice fallows have important place in Schemes and Policy Initiatives by Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare,Government of India

KHARIF season 2019-20 न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य (एम एस पी) रुपए प्रति क्विन्टल Minimum Support Price (MSP) for kharif crops season that are to be marketed in 2019-20 Minimum Support/Procurement Price is Recommended by CACP and Fixed by Government. Pradhan Mantri KisanSamman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) and Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan (PM-AASHA) are important schemes for farmers. Price Support Scheme (PSS), Price Deficiency Payment Scheme (PDPS) and Private Procurement & Stockist Scheme (PPSS) are sub-schemes under Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan (PM-AASHA)

किसानो को खरीफ फसल न्यूनतम समरथन मूल्य Increased MSPs at a level of atleast 1.5 times of the all India weighted average Cost of production (CoP). Includes all paid out costs such as those incurred on account of hired human labour, bullock labour/machine labour, rent paid for leased in land, expenses incurred on use of material inputs like seeds, fertilizers, manures, irrigation charges, depreciation on implements and farm buildings, interest on working capital, diesel/'electricity for operation of pump sets etc. miscellaneous expenses and imputed value of family labour

Agri TV channels in India such as DD kisan and Green TV may bring another revolution in transferring agricultural information to all regions.

Mini tractors such as Mitsubishi Shakti MT 180 D,Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT and Sonalika Gardentrac DI-20 reduce cost of operation upto 40 % as compared to the bullock ploughing in small farms.


Agricultural Implements, Farm Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Tractors, Plows,Seeders,Tillers,Ploughs,Thresher,Straw reapers,Garden Tools,Garden Equipments,Garden Sprays....................and the list goes on.Farm Mechanization proved to be a boon for farmers.

Commonly multiple operations of cultivator, disc harrow and leveller are seen.Land leveller helps land to absorb water evenly.Laser Land Leveller may cost between Rs.3-4 lacs.Generally,tractor mounted laser land leveller is equipped with a hydraulic system control box unit attached to a receiver which receives laser rays from a tripod stand transmitter kept at a distance.



Land soil should be well tilled, loose and levelled to enable sowing at an adequate depth.Submerged rice cultivation,unscientific use of fertilizer,gas emission from livestock and low organic matter in soil have increased climate change risks.Adoption of organic farming,agroforestry,crop diversification and crop alignment,climate resilient crop varieties(they can withstand climate change challenge),soil health card based integrated nutrient management,effficient use of water and water harvesting,feed management of livestock are some of the agricultural management practices which can reduce climate change risks.

Selection of good variety remains one of the low cost inputs for farmers.Rice PADDY dhaan JONA jiri varietes like basmati Pusa 1509 yield upto 22-25 quintals per acre, while for the 1121 variety, it is 18-20 quintals per acre.

Pusa Punjab Basmati 1509 variety has average paddy yield of 15.7 Qtl/Acre (3.2 Qtl/BIGHA).It is an early maturing basmati variety which matures in about 125 days after seeding and its average height is 94 cm.The seeds of Pusa Punjab Basmati 1509 variety SEEDS are often available in 5 kg packing for Rs.325/- at govt.institutions while the same variety in 8 kg packing of a private company Super Gold Karnal Seeds Farm,Karnal,Haryana were available at Rs.800/- per bag in Delhi on Feb.26, 2014.


During year 2013-14 farmers received between Rs.3000-4000 per quintal for aromatic basmati rice paddy grains.That means a farmer generated a revenue of Rs.60000-80000 per acre of paddy fields.The income reaches much higher levels when the farmers organize to from co-operative groups to process paddy grains and obtain milled rice and retail on their own.An example Galaxy 1121 Jumbo Basmati Rice was sold for Rs.100/- kg in some retail markets of Delhi during Jan'15 last week.

PUSA 1121 Basmati yield approx.4-5 Qtl/Bigha;Seed Cost Rs.60-70/kg during March 2014;Seed Rate 2-2.5 kg/bigha;135 days crop.Seed treatment with antibiotics like Streptocycline(HAL) is good for paddy health.

Sandy loam soil,sandy soil(khadar mitti),dark clay(bangar mitti),sandy clay or loam soils or any other kind of soil have its own unique properties.Soil Field Test Kit are in general a color chart and drop count based kit.Some Soil Test and Fertilizer Recommendation Kit consists of a mini shaker,a digital Soil Test and Fertilizer Recommendation meter,glassware,reagent and other accessories.

Soil Test and Fertilizer Recommendation Kit manufactured by W S TELEMATICS may cost around Rs.30,000/-(price as on March'15) which tests 50 samples with first set of reagents.One may contact 07042160018 to know more.Another option is Soil Field Test Kit, a color chart and drop count based kit which tests 100 samples with first set of reagents manufactured by ORLAB INSTRUMENTS.One may contact 040-67216354
Low input technology for increasing rice and wheat yield is proving beneficial to farmers.

The average grain yield increases more than 70 percent with adoption of SWI technology compared to traditional practice.Similarly,System of Rice Intensification SRI is a methodology for increasing the productivity by changing the management of soil,plant and it's nutrition.
For e.g.,It is seen that Urea is applied @ 50 kg/acre with first irrigation in normal light soils.Wheat crop may show symptoms of zinc deficiency after application of first irrigation in case of light textured and reclaimed soils.Third and fourth leaves of wheat plant from the top become yellow in the middle, while the tip and bottom remain green.Approx. 25 kg zinc sulphate(21%) per acre may be broadcasted by mixing with the same quantity of dry soil

Urea application in paddy rice jona and wheat gehu kanak crops may be done on the basis of fertilizer applied to previous crop,soil test report and also by using leaf colour chart LCC.The Leaf  Color Chart determines the greenness of rice leaf which indicates its nitrogen content.

Sharing some information from - SRI Secretariat (SDTT),Bhubaneswar
(1) Summer ploughing to expose resting stages of insects
to heat of the sun and predators.
(2) Early and synchronous planting.
(3) Balanced fertilizer application.
(4) Field sanitation to check carryover of pests.
(5) Trap cropping with Basmati rice in transplanted rice (9:1). 
(6)Avoidance of mono-cropping.
(7) Growing stemborer resistant/tolerant varieties
(8) Strict surveillance of rice fields for pests and defenders.
(9) Mechanical killing of adults and egg mass.
(10) Setting up of light traps to attract and kill adults.
(11) Setting up of bird perches @ 20-25/ha.
(12) Setting up of pheromone traps for YSB @ 20-25/ha.
(13) Release of Trichogramma japonicum against YSB @ 1 lakh / ha starting from 15 days after planting (DAP) at 7-10days intervals 5-6 times.
(14) Spraying of Beauveria bassiana product (Boverin, Biopower, Ankush,Daman, Biorin) @ 1kg/ha against YSB.
(15)Spraying of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) based biopesticidesavailable in the market (Dipel, Delfin,Biodart, Thuricide, Bioasp, Biolep, HIL Btk) @1kg or 1lit/ha.
(16) Putting “karada”(Cleistanthus collinus) leaves in the field @ 200 kg/ha to get rid of YSB.

Macro and micro nutrients for basal application as customized fertilizer are popular among farmers.Tata Paras Farmoola Sugarcane is an example in category of customized fertilizers.It contains N 7%,P 20 %,K 18% and S 6%,Zn 0.5%,B 0.2 %.

Tata Paras Farmoola Sugarcane was initially priced at Rs.610 per 50kg bag.Its recommended basal dosage in sugarcane is four bags per acre.
NPK 12 32 16(e.g.complex fertilizer in GRANULAR form,IFFCO 50 kg MRP Rs.1060/- ) contains N 12 %,P 32%, K 16 %

NPK 19 19 19(e.g.Sujala,RCF);NPK 20 20 20(e.g.Shriram SHAKTI) and NPK 0 52 34(e.g.Shriram SAATHI) are Water Soluble Foliar Fertilizers and are readily taken up by plants

Water Soluble Foliar Fertilizer or other CHEMICAL fertilizer (e.g.Urea,DAP,potash etc.) or ORGANIC (e.g. Azotobacter,Phosphorus Solubilizing bacteria or Potassium PSB) is a matter of availability and choice

Similarly, income from vegetable farming may be increased by approaching urban markets in the vicinity of vegetable growers.It is seen that household buyers have to pay high price for vegetables like potato,tomato and onion.KISAN bhai ko jaayaz paisa mila kya.........sabzi to mehangi biktee hee hai

When farmers grow vegetables and try to sell them to retail customers directly there is always a scope get better earning.Online vegetable retail is also an option.

F & V - Fruits and Vegetables are latest and really fast moving entries in ONLINE RETAIL AGRIBUSINESS but sometimes retail customers say.........."hum khud choose kar ke layenge .....woh kharaab piece bhej dete hain"............HOW OFTEN DO WE HEAR THESE WORDS at our home

Vegetables like tomato are at high risk of insects,diseases and other pests.Pests can be managed by treating them with right pesticide-ORGANIC or CHEMICAL at right time.

Tomato leafminer or tomato borer i.e.,Tuta absoluta damage tomato tamatar crop by direct feeding on leaves, stems, buds, calyces, young fruit, or ripe fruit.Normally,the total life cycle of this insect is completed in an average of 24-­38 days.Females lay  up  to  300  individual  small  (0.35 mm long) cylindrical   creamy yellow eggs,which are often found alongside   the rachis.Freshly hatched larvae are light yellow or  green and only 0.5 mm.Four larval instars develop.Pupation may take place in the soil,on the leaf surface, within mines or even in packaging material.Studies under our climate is being carried  out by researchers.

The β-carotene rich Indian cauliflower फूलगोभी or Phul gobi or Brassica oleracca var. botrytis variety Pusa Betakesari with orange coloured curds is suitable for Sep-Oct sowing.This vaiety contains 800 – 1000 µg beta carotene/100 g cauliflower.A red-orange pigment beta carotene has powerful antioxidant functions and thereby helps the body scavenge free radicals.Our body can change beta carotene into vitamin A.Pusa Snowball K-25 shows field tolerance to black rot .Pusa Kartik Sankar, a hybrid cauliflower weighs about 475 g and matures in 96 days.Other hybrids such as KTH-27 and KTH-52 have snow-white compact curd and mature in a period of 70-80 days.Pusa Snow Ball-1 and Pusa Snow Ball K-1 may be sown during Sep-Oct.Pusa Paushja and Pusa Sharad are other varieties

Flower cultivation is growing as a high potentiontial source of income for farmers 

Genda African marigold variety Pusa Bahar bloom during Jan-March and is suitable for bedding in gardens as well as other floral decorations.50-60 yellow colour flowers areproduced by a plant in 90-100 days after sowing

Marigold Pusa Arpita variety produces medium sized light orange flowers.Pusa Narangi Gainda variety of marigold produces deep orange flowers with ruffled florets.It flowers in135-145 days after sowing.Marigold Pusa Basanti Gainda produces medium sized lemon yellow flowers

Maroon colour marigold genda flower variety Pusa Deep produces on an average 80-90 flowers per plant  

On Call VISITS to farmers     

Do u like RICE pulao or u like the whole spices used in making Pulao or Khichdi.Rice variety PB-3 (Punjab Basmati 3) plant is approx. 105 cm tall.Matures in about 140 days after sowing.These can be transplanted late in the month of July.This variety may yield on an avg.15 Qtl/Acre.It has extra long superfine aromatic grains.Grains elongate almost double on cooking.

PADDY RICE jona JIRI dhaan chawal

Non-Aromatic(parmal/non-basmati) Hybrid rice seeds varieties like Bayer Arize 6444 Gold,Pioneer 27P72 ,27P63,25P35,Ankur7042,Ankur7434 and Tata Rallis RPH2 and Hybrid Aromatic(hybrid basmati) Pusa RH10 are popular.These kind of varieties become ready to harvest in 125-140 days.Seeds of Pusa RH-10,a short duration and fine grain rice are often available in 2 kg packing for Rs.400/- at govt.institutions.

rice Swarna-Sub1 grown as flood-tolerant variety in eastern can survive full submergence for more than 2 weeks.It is non-aromatic(parmal/non-basmati) rice.Swarna-Sub1 is also known as Dhala Swarna or White Swarna as it's husk color is lighter than that of another popular variety red Swarna

Swarna-Sub1 has been adopted by farmers to a large extent because of its resistance to diseases such as sheath blight.This variety is very suitable for area with heavy rainfall and cyclone

RICE paddy Local varieties r also popular among food writers.Some examples in this category are Joha - Scented rice,Soft Rice - Komal Chawal-Aghona Bora -Instant Rice,Dudher Sar,Tulai Panji,Radha Tilak, Banskathi,Gobind Bhog .Waxy rice - bora rice - glutinous rice are opaque and cooked sticky due to its chemical constituent known as amylopectin which is a component of rice starch.

basmati rice seeds बासमती धान paddy seeds चावल के बीज basmati rice खुशबुदार चावल aromatic एरोमैटिक rice सीडस ... बीज उपलब्धता..... कृषि संस्थान, पूसा, दिल्ली Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC), IARI Pusa, New Delhi में Seeds availability at ATIC IARI Pusa, DELHI कृषि प्रौद्योगिकी सूचना केन्द्र (एटिक) aromatic basmati rice varieties namely Pusa Basmati 1728, Pusa Basmati 1718, Pusa Basmati 1637, Pusa 1612, Pusa Basmati 1509, Pusa Basmati 6 (Pusa 1401), Punjab Basmati 2, Pusa Basmati 1121, Improved Pusa Basmati 1 (Pusa 1460), Pusa Sugandh 5 (Pusa 2511), Pusa Basmati-4 (Pusa 1121), Pusa Basmati 1121, Super Basmati, Pusa Sugandh 3, Pusa Sugandh 2, Basmati 386, Pusa Basmati 1 are popular

पूसा संस्थान के नाम से लोकप्रिय भारतीय कृषि अनुसंधान संस्थान की स्थापना मूल रूप से पूसा, बिहार में एक अमेरिकी समाज सेवक मि. हेनरी फिप्स द्वारा दिये गए 30,000 पाउन्ड् के सहयोग से 1905 में हुई थी। Pusa Institute was founded in 1905 at Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar.The institute was shifted to Delhi after a devastating earthquake in Bihar

Fine Gain Aromatic rice Pusa Basmati 6 (1401) - may yield avg.20 Qtl/Acre (4 Qtl/BIGHA) and Pusa Basmati 1 (1460) -avg. yield 22 Qtl/Acre (4.5 Qtl/BIGHA).Seeds of Pusa Basmati 6 (Pusa 1401)  are often available in 5 kg packing for Rs.300/- and 20 kg bag for Rs.1200/- at govt.institutions


Direct Seeded/sown non-transplanted Basmati aromatic rice variety Punjab Mehak 1 and Non-Aromatic(parmal/non-basmati) PR 115 are also popular.

Weed management of broad leaf weeds and sedges in transplanted and direct seeded rice may be done by using a premix formulation of Metsulfuron Methyl 10%+Chlorimuron Ethyl 10% WP (e.g.PIMIX,PI Ind).Pre-mixture herbicide Penoxsulam 240 g + Cyhalofop-butyl 10 ec as 240 g/I SE formulation by Rallis India is a post-emergence herbicide for selective control of grass,broadleaf and annual sedge weeds in rice.Penoxsulam 240 SC e.g.Granite,Dow Agro is used to manage paddy rice weeds locally known as swank,swanki,dilli,dhan ka motha,chatri wala motha,mirch booti and pan patta in paddy rice fields.Granular herbicide Premix Pretilachlor 6% + Pyrazosulfuron ethyl 0.15% GR(e.g.Eros,UPL) available in 4 kg pack may be applied@ 4 kg/Acre after transplanting rice


Pretilachlor 50%EC examples are Cater(Sinochem) ;Rifit(Syngenta) ;Craze (Dhanuka); Preet(Tata Rallis) ;Hifit(HPM) RIMOVE(Biostadt) Offset(Indofil) while Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 10% WP is branded as Saathi herbicide by UPL.Bispyribac Sodium 10 SC is normally applied @ 80-120 ml/acre for various types of paddy rice jona jiri dhan cultivation such as direct sown rice, rice nursery and transplanted rice

paddy rice seed धान चावल के बीज PR 127 matures in about 137 days; av. ht. of 104 cm; avg. yield is 30 Qtl/Acre. धान चावल के बीज paddy rice seeds PR 126 matures in about 123 days; av. ht. of 102 cm; avg. yield is 30 Qtl/Acre 

Non-Aromatic (parmal/non-basmati) PR 122 yields on average 31.5 quintals of paddy per acre. Its average plant height is 108 cm and matures in about 147 days after seeding.It also possesses long slender clear translucent grains.Seeds of  PR-121 variety of paddy is a semi dwarf variety,yield 30 Qtl/Acre (6 Qtl/BIGHA)  and  PR-122 yield 31.5 Qtl/Acre (6.5 Qtl/BIGHA) variety in 30 kg bag packing of Radhey Krishna Karnal Seed Farm,Karnal,Haryana were available at Rs.900/- per bag in Delhi on Feb.26, 2014

Pusa-44 - approx.av.field yield 33 Qtl/Acre (7 Qtl/BIGHA).Seeds of Pusa 44 are often available in 5 kg packing for Rs.175/- and 30 kg bag for Rs.1050/- at govt.institutions.

Seeds of Pusa Basmati 1 (Pusa 1460)  are often available in 5 kg packing for Rs.275/- and 20 kg bag for Rs.1100/- at govt.institutions. Pusa- Basmati 1121 - approx. 16 Qtl/Acre (3.5 Qtl/BIGHA) yielding seeds may be available in 5 kg packing for Rs.300/- and 20 kg bag for Rs.1200/-

PADDY RICE - Non-Chemical Management

Azolla,a free floating water fern,is another biofertilizer which contributes nitrogen to the crop.It's application not only improves soil physico-chemical properties but also fertilizer use efficiency.


Azolla has a high rate of biological nitrogen fixation as well as biomass production capability due to it's rapid growth.

Khet/FARM/Orchard/BAGEECHA/Garden HEALTH INSPECTION VISITS - for a healthy GREEN property...........KNOW UR PLANTS for ur HAPPINESS

Seeds of Fine Gain Aromatic rice Pusa Sugandh 5 (Pusa 2511)  are often available in 5 kg packing for Rs.250/- and 20 kg bag for Rs.1000/- at govt.institutions.This variety has excellent aroma and extra long grains,matures in 125-130 days. Pusa sugandh performs well,both in direect and transplanted methods. 

seeds ENQUIRY and purchase can be made from following traders -

1. Surinder Pal Singh Khangura, 5 G, Sarabha Nagar,Opp. PAU-Punjab Agricultural University - Gate No. 2,Ferozepur Road,Ludhiana,Phone 0161-5083707;2450773;2453708 Mob-09417003707; Radhey Krishna Karnal Seed Farm,Karnal-09896583809;Ever Grow Karnal Agro Farm -09896583762;Super Gold Karnal Seeds Farm,Karnal,Haryana-09896583695

2. Garg Seed Corporation, SCO Number 7G, Opposite PAU Gate No 2, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, Phone 0161-2451220; Mob-09417251220;09417251220;Super Gold Karnal Seed Farm – 09671152838;09896583695

3.Prabhat Seed Traders 4950, Ind., Area, Sector2, Kurukshetra, ,Phone 01744-292684;231684; Mob-09416002684
4.KAMBOJ EXPORT, Bajaj Market Indri, Karnal,Phone-0184-2270938

At the time of  haan- Paddy-Rice-Jona-Jiri-Chawal seed sowing in Nursery.Do not forget to soak 8 kg Non-Hybrid parmal-non-aromatic seed in 10 litres of water containing 20g Carbendazim 50 WP(e.g.Bavistin,BASF) and 1g Streptomycin Sulphate+Tetracycline Hydrochloride(e.g. Streptocycline,Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd.) for 8 to 10 hours before sowing to prevent primary seed borne infections


Pusa Basmati 1509 yields much higher than traditional basmati varieties such as Taraori and Dehraduni.Pusa 1509 matures within 120 days,requires only 10-11 irrigations, plant is only 80 cm tall and per acre yield upto 5 Qtl  higher than 1121.Pusa Basmati 1121 grain is longer (8mm) with cooked grain length of approximately 20 mm.It's avg. yield is 15 Qtl/Acre (approx.3.5 Qtl/BIGHA).It matures in 140-145 days and its height 120 cm.Seeds were available in 5 kg packing for Rs.300/- and 20 kg bag for Rs.1200/- during March 2014.Another basmati variety Punjab Basmati 3 (PB 3) plant is dwarf,resistant to bacterial blight is approx.105 cm tall,matures in about 140 days after sowing when transplanted late in the month of July.It is improvised version of traditional basmati variety Basmati 386.It has extra long superfine aromatic grains.Grains elongate almost double on cooking.The average yield of PB 3 is 14 Qtl/Acre per acre.The selling price received by farmers this year for PB 3 is almost half than what they received last year.(During Nov.2013 few farmers received a selling price upto Rs.5000/- as but during Nov.2014 year few farmers received as low as Rs.2500/- for a quintal)


RICE PADDY HERBICIDES and their Brand Names 

 Rice Paddy-herbicide-.KHARPATWAR NASHAK 
1.Butachlor 50%E.C.-Machete(Sinochem);Dhanuchlor(Dhanuka);TEER(Tata Rallis)
2.Butachlor EW -Fast Mix(Sinochem)
3.Cyhalofop butyl (for nursery) -Wrap Up(Dhanuka) 
4.Nursery -Sofit (Syngenta)-Erase-N (Nagarjuna)
5.Pretilachlor 50%EC-Cater(Sinochem);
Rifit(Syngenta);Craze (Dhanuka);Preet(Tata Rallis);Hifit(HPM);
6.Carfentrazone Ethyl 40 % DF-Aim(FMC) ;Nabood(Dhanuka)
7.Anilophos 30 EC-Aniloguard(Gharda)
8.Bensulfuron Methyl 0.6 % + Pretilachlor 6 % GR-Londax Power(Du Pont)
9.Oxadiargyl 80 WP-Topstar(Bayer)
10.Bispyribac Sodium - Adora(Bayer);Nominee(PI Ind);Taarak(Tata Rallis);Fuji Gold(Dhanuka)

Bispyribac Sodium 10 SC a post emergence herbicide is normally applied @ 80-120 ml/acre for various types of paddy rice jona jiri dhan cultivation such as direct sown rice, rice nursery and transplanted rice.

Paddy Rice field Herbicide Granular Premix Pretilachlor 6% + Pyrazosulfuron ethyl 0.15% GR(e.g.Eros,UPL) available for Rs.780/4 kg pack may be applied@ 4 kg/Acre after transplanting rice

Chlorantraniliprole 0.4 GR(e.g.Ferterra,Du Pont) or Cartap Hydrochloride 4G(e.g.Padan,Coromandel Agrico) .................abkee season DHAN-chawal-PADDY-Rice-JONA- jiri mein GOBH kee SUNDEE aur PATTA LAPET sundee ke liye KAUN see DAWA KHAREEDENGE AAP !!!!!!!

Cartap Hydrochloride is popular in managing rice-paddy insects like leaf folder and stem borer.Rice-paddy insects like leaf folder and stem borer can be managed by insecticides like Cartap Hydrochloride 4G(e.g.Padan,Coromandel),Cartap Hydrochloride 50 %SP (e.g.Nidan,Crystal) and Cartap Hydrochloride 75 % SG(e.g.Mortar,Dhanuka)They are known for managing insects like GOBH kee SUNDEE aur PATTA LAPET sundee
Some Brands of Cartap Hydrochloride 4 GR used in Paddy Rice Jiri Jona Dhan Chawal  fields......e..g.Padan(Coromandel);Caldan(Dhanuka);Dollar(HPM);Nidan(Crystal);Boregan(MAgan);Dartriz(Biostadt);Cartox(Tata Rallis);Beacon(Indofil);Swift(Sinochem);Sumitaj(Sumitomo);Mikata(Chemtura);Sanvex(Nagarjuna)


PADDY/jona/DHAAN/chawal/JIRI-Sheath Blight Disease in rice can be managed by using any one fungicides like Pencycuron,Validamycin,Hexaconazole,Propiconazole or Thifluzamide.(e.g.Pulsor,Insecticide India) . 

Rice STEM BORER insect and SHEATH BLIGHT disease can together be managed by spraying Insecticide plus Fungicide ready mix formulation like Flubendiamide 3.5% + Hexaconazole 5% WG (e.g.ORIGIN,Tata RALLIS) or a farmer may spray Flubendamide(e.g.FAME,Bayer) and Hexaconazole(e.g.HEXADHAN,Dhanuka) seperately at different stages of pest incidence  

This is also a fact that majority of FARMERS are still waiting for the day when they r not forced to buy any brand which is not of their choice. 

Let's pray for the day when they are able to buy brands of their own choice at ONE SHOP ........ON CREDIT ............ at best Market Operating Price..........above all he gets profitable results
PADDY RICE Diseases like Sheath Blight r a big concern among farmers.

Sucking INSECT (tela in rice) is often managed by use of Buprofezin 25 SC brands like Phentom(Insecticide India );Buprolord (UPL);Applaud (Tata Rallis); Tribune (Crystal); Bipimain (M'Agan); Apple (Dhanuka); Banzo (Biostadt); Jawaa (Du Pont).Hunk 95 SG (Flubendiamide + Buprofezin PREMIX formulation,Tata Rallis) -an insecticide for sucking insect pests of Rice

Sell your produce anywhere in the country, wherever you can get a better price.............using your mobile phone.......ONLINE !!!!!!! Yes,its possible through eNAM.....a virtual and digital platform of National Agriculture Market with a physical market (mandi) at the back end.The national e-platform developed for this proposes is expected to cover 585 mandis by March 2018


Cotton कॉटन KAPAS नरमे narma कपास की सुंडी कीट American boll worm अमेरिकन सुंडी Helicoverpa armigera, Pink bollworm गुलाबी सुंडी Pectinophora gossypiella and Spotted bollworm चित्तीदार सुंडी Earias vitella have always been a threat to farmers.
BOLLGARD II (बेसिलस थुरिनजेनिसस नरमा) बी टी नरमा बीटी कॉटन कपास बीज Bt cotton hybrids from Mahyco Monsanto, Nuziveedu seed, Rasi seeds, Tulasi seed, Ganga-Kaveri seed, Ajeet Seeds, Krishidhan seed are popular

Bharti,Yuvraj,Virat,Mahyco,Bayer,Bioseed,Krishidhan etc. which r u planning.Bt cotton hybrids Mahyco MRC7017 BG II,Mahyco MRC7031 BG II,Ankur 3028 BG II,Rasi RCH 650 BGII,Nuziveedu Raghav BG II NCS 855 seed prices are higher than non-Bt hybrid cotton seeds such as LHH 144 and Shresth (CSHH-198)  as much of the cost goes towards paying licence fee to Monsanto for BG II.Monsanto has regulatory approval for Bollgard II product that incorporates two Bt genes, Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab2.The incorporation of two Bt genes improves the effectiveness of the product and delay the development of resistant pests.The first Bt cotton varieties marketed as Bollgard contain the Cry1Ac gene.Sriram Bioseeds Shriram 6488 BG-II,Shriram 6588 BG-II,Rasi RCH134 and Ankur2534 are also popular among cotton growers.MahycoMonsanto,Nuziveedu seed,Rasi seeds,Tulasi seed,Ganga-Kaveri seed,Ajeet Seeds,Krishidhan seed are leading seed producing companies

Cotton/KAPAS/Narma ke BEEJ kaun se like karte hain aap !!!!!!!!!! ..........Bollgard I,Bollgard II ya fir FUSION BT..........or Desi Cotton varieties like PAU 626H, Moti, LD 694 and LD 327


Vibha Grand n Vibha 1544 Bollgard II,Mist(NUSUN),Crystal AVVALL-111,SIDHANTH(Crystal Phosphates),Ankur 2534 Bt,Ankur 651 Bt, Ankur 3224, Ankur 3228,Ankur 3066,Ankur 5642 (Ankur Seed);BRL-II,MRC 7017, MRC 7351 Gold,MRC 7361,MRC 7385,MRC 7387, MRC 7371 and MRC 6918( MAHYCO);CTH 2,GK 220, 224, 228, 231 ,GK 244,GK 249 (Ganga Kaveri);IAHH-2,IAHH-178 (Indo American);JKCH 99, JK INDRA, JKCH 2245, JK 8665, JKCH 8836 JKCH 34 and Durga BG II (JK Agri-Genetics);KCH 707, KCH 14K59, KCH 15K39, KCH 999, KCH 100, KCH 172 (Kaveri Seed);KDCHH 02, KDCHH 722 RACHH 011, RACHH 353, RACHH 533,Border 507,Pancham 541 (Krishidhan Seeds);NACHH 10, NACHH 32,NAMCOT 621 ,NAMCOT 627 , NAMCOT 803 (Namdhari Seeds);NBC 3 (Nath Biogene);NCS 138, 865, 866, 950, 954, 955, 9025, 9030, 856, 858, 929 (Nuziveedu Seed);PRCH 701, 703, 724, 725 (Pravardhan Seeds);RCH 656, RCH 20 and RCHB 625 (Rasi Seeds);SP 911, SP 7157, SP 1171,SP 7149 ,SP 7230(Bayer Bioscience);Steplon BG-II (Cry1Ac+Cry2Ab),Sudharsan, EGCH, Atal, Krishna, Brahma (Monsanto);Tulasi 117, Tulasi 171,Tulasi-252,Tulasi-45,Tulasi-333,Tulasi 216, 234, 243 BT cotton hybrids (Tulasi Seed);VBCH 1539 BGII and VBCH 1543 BGII (Vibha Agrotech);ZCH 501, ZCH 502, ZCH 503, ZCH 508 & ZCH 541 (Zuari Seeds)

WEED Management in COTTON - 
For controlling weeds,give one hoeing/inter culture about 45 days after sowing to control the weeds.
spray herbicide like
1.Pyrithiobac Sodium e.g.Hitweed(Godrej);Staple(Du Pont) n Pyrimax(M'Agan) and
2.Propaquizafop 10 EC e.g.Society(Indofil) n Agil(M'Agan)

At the time of spray, there should be sufficient moisture in the soil

Cotton crop is highly sensitive to standing water during early growth stages.  Hence, drain out the excess water from the cotton fieldsUproot and destroy leaf curl infected American cotton plants upto initiation of fruiting phase. Protect the crop against white fly vector by using recommended insecticides 


A number of fungal disease are observed in kharif crops surrounding cotton fields which serve as reservoir of plant disease inoculum.
Powdery mildew diseases in several crops may be managed by application of Azoxystrobin 23 % SC (Amistar,Syngenta;One Star,Dhanuka) or Flusilazole 40 EC(Nustar,Du Pont;Cursor,Dhanuka).Many other plant diseases may bemanged by using combination formulations like Carbendazim+Flusilazole(Lustre,Dhanuka).Several Leaf blight diseases in many crops may be managed by using Metiram 70 WG (Sanit,PI Industries;Polyram,Bayer)

INSECT PESTS IN COTTON- To protect the crop from boll worm and tobacco caterpillar damage, the insecticides like Chlorantriniliprole 18.5 SL e.g.Coragen(Du Pont) should be sprayed when the damage inside fruiting bodies exceed 5 % and thereafter spray as and when need arises.Chlorfluazuron 5 EC e.g.Atabron(UPL) an IGR or Indoxacarb 14.5 SC e.g.Avaunt(Du Pont) can be applied for managing Heliothis in cotton.

Whitefly insect may be controlled by applying Pyriproxyfen,an Insect Growth Regulator IGR.It prevents adult whitefly emergence and also reduces the viability of its eggs.A number of SYNTHETIC PYRETHROIDS are used on cotton for the control of boll worm complex.Do not use synthetic pyrethroids when the crop becomes 120- 130 days old.Leaf sucking insects like Red mites may be managed by using Danfuron (Danfuron 240 SC,Dhanuka) or Propargite 57 EC(Omite,Dhanuka;Simba,PI Ind).Imidacloprid 30.5 EC(Super Media,Dhanuka; Pollard,Bharat Insecticides) can also be used..Several borer kind of larvae can be managed by applying Flubendiamide 39 SC(Fame,Bayer;Fluid,Dhanuka)Very early instar stages of larva may be managed by applying Emamectin Benzoate 1.9% SC(Billo,Crystal).

Do not allow cotton crop to  suffer  for  want  of water during  flowering and fruiting stages, otherwise  a  lot  of  shedding  of  flowers  and  bolls will take place resulting in poor yield

Wheat गेहूँ KANAK ਕਣਕ GEHUN ATTA roti ata Chapati retail prices of atta in some markets of Delhi. wheat FLOUR i.e.ATTA aata is available in retail markets at a price of Rs.40-45/kg and that too of reputed brands like Aashirwad, Shaktibhog, Annapurna and Pillsbury.Does it means that when a farmer wants to get maximum return on investment,he requires to set up his own attta chakki for processing wheat to make flour,and then retail the same at a price of Rs.35-40/kg ATTA. Apart from this by adding a VALUABLE word ORGANIC he may sell wheat flour upto the price of Rs.97/kg.DURUM wheat variety HD 4713 (Pusa Wheat 110), WHD 943, PDW 291 and HD 4728 or Pusa Malvi with high gluten content is used for making pasta,semolina and macaroni. Low in gluten, Dicoccum wheat variety for pasta and bread also controls the sugar as well as cholesterol level in blood. Giloy ki dandi,a kachchi haldi and a piece of aloevera mixed with fresh WHEAT GRASS juice is a popular health drink nowadays e.g. of dicoccum wheat variety HW 1098 or Nilgiri Khapli,
गेहूँ बीज wheat seeds ਕਣਕ MP sharbati gehun atta, HD 7882 (Vidisha), MP1202, Pusa Gautami (HD 3086), HD 2967, HD 2987(Pusa Bahar), HD 2733, WH 1142, WH 1105, WH711, HD 2687 (Shresth), HD 2851, HD 2888 (Pusa Wheat 107), HD 2894, HD 2932 (Pusa Wheat 111), HD 3043, HD 2864 (Urja), HD 2985 (Pusa Basant), HD 2189, HI 8663 (Poshan),HD 2189, HD 3059 (Pusa Pachheti), DBW17, DBW 71, PBW 725, DPW 621-50(PBW 621 & DBW 50), PBW 621, PBW 677, HD 2967, PBW 621-50, DBW 88, PBW 550, DBW 17 ,HD-2733, UP 2425, UP 2572, UP-2328, and PBW 226, PBW 502 PBW 373, PBW 658, PBW 590, PBW 660, DBW 16 and RAJ 3765, and WR 544 (Pusa Gold) are some good varieties.KUNDAN 1532, HD 3070, HD 3016 and HD 2888 (Pusa Wheat 107) are examples of timely sown rainfed wheat variety. Pusa Kiran or HS 542, VL 804 , VL Gehun 829, VL Gehun 892, VL Gehun 832 and VL Gehun 907 are cultivated in northern mountain belts


PLANT PROTECTION Advice services

Medicine brands which r less popular mark higher MRP.....WHY.....may be they offer more incentives to the professional recommending or shopkeeper selling the same.It is always good to make wise decision as quality of anything always matters.MARGIN on MRP of medicines - be it of humans,animals or plants.....the story may remain same

PESTICIDES..........the road to good health through disease free food,fruits n vegetables............Organic or Chemical is a matter of need,availability and choice.........but unbiased understanding is a must.The term pesticide is used for insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, molluscicides, nematicides and many others.Agrochemical Pesticide manufacturing companies keep on adding innovative products such as Thiocyclam hydrogen oxalate(PI Industries),Premix of Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3%SC(ADAMA India),Ametoctradin 27 % +Dimethomorph 20.27 % SC(BASF India),Tembotrione 34.4% SC and premix Flubendiamide 19.92% + Thiacloprid 19.92% SC(Bayer India),Premix combination Lambda Cyhalothrin 4.6% +Chlorantraniliprol 9.3% ZC and another combination pesticide Azoxystrobin 18.2% + Difenoconazole 11.4% SC(Syngenta),Premix Kasugamycin 5% +Copper Oxychloride 45% WP(Dhanuka)

Pomelo or Citrus grandis or Pummelo Chakotra पुमेलो चकोतरा or Chinese grapefruit or Batawi nimbu or Gagar Nimbu or Toranji are very large citrus and are thick-skinned, sweet flesh.A ripe pomelo is usually pale green to yellow in color.Pink flesh grapefruit i.e. Citrus paradisi varieties such as Red Blush. Pink Grapefruit are high in demand. Foster is the first pink pigmented grapefruit variety and it was discovered in Florida in 1907 citrus.Citrus crops can provide round the year income !!! Narangi or orange or Citrus reticulata; Citrus aurantifolia (Lime -Kagzi Nimbu); Citrus sinensis var. mosambi (Mosumbi); Citrus medica (Lemon); Citrus sinensis var.sinensis (Malta); Citrus limon( Galgal); C.limenta (Sweet Lime-Meetha Nimbu) and Citrus grandis (Shaddock or Pomello-Chakotra);C.pardesii (Grapefruit) are common citrus fruits we see in markets

nimbu नींबू Acid Lime or Citrus aurantifolia such as Kagzi lime is used for juice, desert, pickle and other medicinal purpose नींबू का अचार lime pickle

sweet pickle स्वीट पिकल nimbu ka meetha achaar नींबू का मीठा अचार sweet pickle made from acid lime or Citrus aurantifolia such as Kagzi lime is used for juice, desert, pickle and other medicinal purpose

Orange संतरा नारंगी, kinnow and tangerine are Mandarin group citrus fruits. Kinnow or KINOO citrus is a hybrid mandarin (Citrus nobilis Loureiro x C. deliciosa Tenore) widely grown in North India.Daisy Tangerine is identical to Kinnow but a different citrus fruit. It is a cross between two different mandarin sp. Malta and Mosambi are placed in sweet orange group of citrus. Malta is not a kinnow but a sweet orange or Citrus sinensis cv. malta.Citrus sinensis cv. mosambi is also a Sweet orange.Mosambi (sweet lime) juice is a favorite citrus drink in India.Mosambi or sweet lime(different from Citrus limetta) was introduced in India from Mosambique,China.Grapefruit or Citrus paradisi or Pahari nimbu or  चकोतरा chakotra is a grape-shaped citrus fruit .

Citrus Canker (Xanthomonas axonopodis pv.citri.) disease appears as dark brown, rough,raised areas on leaves,twigs and fruits.On leaves it appears as yellowish spots, which gradually enlarge,turn rough and brownish and become raised on both sides of the leaf.The spots are surrounded by a yellow halo.Fruit lesions become rough and corky confined only to the rind.Spray Copper Oxychloride 50 WP (Blitox,Tata RALLIS) @ 0.30% i.e.3 g/litre of water for citrus canker OR three sprays of 50g streptocycline + 25 g copper sulphate in 500 litres of water one each in Oct,Dec and February.Bordeaux mixture (2:2:250) or 50% copper oxychloride (0.3%) can also be sprayed.Also spray nursery plants particularly during July -August

Sooty Mould (Capnodium citri) develops on the honey-dew excreted by the whiteflies.The disease produces black velvety superficial coating on leaves,twigs,stems and fruits.The affected leaves exhibit curling and shriveling symptoms.Heavy infestation leads to poor growth flushes,less flowers and fruits in next cropping season.The mould deposited on the fruit rind may delay the fruit colouring and also results in poor market acceptability.Apply three sprays of Ziram 27 SC (Cuman L,
SYNGENTA)@ 1250ml alongwith Ethion 50 EC (Fosmite,PI Ind)@1000 ml mixed in 500 litres of water at monthly interval in August,September and October to manage this disease

Citrus Gummosis or Phytophthora Foot rot DISEASE leads to Death of bark at soil line on trunk, killing of wood and gumming stem girdled.Affected trees show symptoms of foot rot with profuse gumming, trunk girdling,pale green foliage, stunted growth flushes and twig die-back.The gummy lesions may extend downwards as well as upwards on the tree trunk and may also appear on branches/limbs.Decorticate and disinfect wounds on trunk either with (a) disinfectant solution and cover the wounds with,(b)Bordeaux paste,which when dries up apply,(c) Bordeaux paint followed by spray preferably (d) Bordeaux mixture (2:2:250) or Spray Fosetyl AL 80 WP (Aliette,BAYER) @ 0.25% i.e.2.5 g/litre of water or two applications of Metalaxyl 8% + Ma.ncozeb 64% WP (Ridomil Gold,SYNGENTA) or Cymoxanil 8%+ Mancozeb 64% WP(Ridomil Curzate M8,Du PONT) as paint (2g/100 ml of Linseed oil) to the infected trunk portion and drench (25g/10 litres of water/tree) the soil at the base of the tree in February-March and again in July-August.

Household pests like rats-chuha-mouse,cockroach,mosquitoes and stored grain are truly a menace

Chemical Fipronil 0.05 % GEL-HIT Anti-Roach gel brand from Godrej is a good example of Anti Cockroach Gel.People working in fields may carry  insect repellent Roll On while at work.

chemical DEET(N,N-Diethyl-m-Toluamide IP 50% w/w) brand name "Jungle Formula" insect repellant Roll On is an example of mosquito repellant

Dinotefuran 20% SG(e.g.Osheen),Profenofos 40%+Cypermethrin 4%EC(e.g.Roket),Flubendiamide 20% WG(e.g.Fluton,PI Ind;Takumi,Tata Rallis;Fame,Bayer),Thiamethoxam 25% WG(e.g.Maxima),Imidacloprid 17.8% SL(e.g.Jumbo) and Fenpyroximate 5% SC(e.g.Sedna,Tata Rallis) are some examples of popular insecticides


FUNGICIDE formulations with premix combination fungicides like Carbendazim 25% + Flusilazole 12.5% SE(e.g.Lustre,Dhanuka)  to manage Sheath blight disease in rice and Azoxystrobin 11 % + Tebuconazole 18 % (e.g.Custodia,Makhteshim Agan) to manage rusts and powdery mildew in wheat are gradually gaining popularity 


BRAND NameCHEMICAL Combination

Avtaar(Indofil)Hexaconazole 4%+ Zineb 68%WP
Cabrio Top(Bayer)Metiram 55% + Pyraclostrobin 5% WG
Caesar(Du Pont)Indoxacarb 14.5%+ Acetamprid 7.7% SC
Coranda (Tata Rallis)Acephate 25% +  Fenvalerate 3% EC
Curzate(Du Pont)Cymoxanil 8%+ Mancozeb 64%WP
Equation(Du Pont)Cymoxanil 8%+ Famoxadone 16.6%
Folio Gold(Syngenta)Metalaxyl 3.3%+ Chlorothalonil 33% SC
Inspire XT(Syngenta)Propiconazole + Difenconazole 
Koranda (Tata Rallis)Chlorpyriphos 50%+ Cypermethrin 5% EC
Lancer Gold(UPL)Acephate 50% +Imidacloprid 1.8% SP
Merger(Indofil)Tricyclazole 18%+ Mancozeb 62% WP
NATIVO (Bayer)Tebuconazole 50% + Trifloxystrobin 25% WG 
Plethora(M'Agan)Indoxacarb 14.5%+ Novaluron 5.2% SC
Polytrin(Syngenta)Profenofos 40%+ Cyeprmethrin 4%EC
Quintal(Bayer)Iprodione 25%+ Carbendazim 25%WP
Ridomil MZ(Syngenta)Metalaxyl 8%+ Mancozeb 64% WP
Saaf(UPL)Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63%WP
Fenamidone 10% + Mancozeb 50% WG
Deltamethrin 1%+ Triazophos 35%E
Spectrum-D(Dhanuka)Ethion-40%+ Cypermethrin 5%EC
Spot(JAI SHREE RAS.)Chlorpyriphos 16%+ Alphamethrin 1% EC
Sumiprempt(Sumitomo)Pyriproxifen 5%EC + Fenpropathrin 15%EC
Taqat(Tata Rallis)Captan 70%+ Hexaconazole 5% WP
Toofan(HPM Chemicals)Chlorpyriphos 16%+ Alphacypermethrin 1% EC
Tusker(Crystal)Deltamethrin 0.72%+ Buprofezin 5.65%EC

Companies like Coromandel International Ltd., Tagros India Limited, Chennai, Dhanuka Pesticide Limited, Gurgaon, Hyderabad Chemical Products Limited, Hyderabad, Meghmani Organics Ltd., Ahmedabad, Atul Ltd., Valsad, Mitsu Ltd, Vapi, Hermaba Industries Ltd., Shogun Organics Ltd., Mumbai, United Chemicals, Hyderabad, Sabero Organics Gujarat Ltd, Excel Crop Care Ltd., Mumbai, PI Industries Limited, Gurgaon, Shogun Organics Ltd., Mumbai, Nagarjuna Agrichem, Hyderabad, Salvi Chemical Industries, Mumbai, Rallis India, Bengaluru, Crop Health Product Ltd, New Delhi, Artee Graphite Pvt Limited, Faridabad, Sharda Worldwide Exports Pvt Ltd, Cheminova India Ltd., Mumbai, India Pesticide Ltd, Lucknow, Gharda Chemicals Ltd., Mumbai, Astec Chemicals Pvt Limited, Mumbai, Krishi Rasayan Pvt. Ltd. ,Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited, Pune, United Chemicals, Hyderabad, Insecticide India Ltd, Delhi, Bharat Rasayan Ltd, New Delhi, Parijat Agencies, New Delhi, Hindustan Insecticides Ltd, New Delhi, Crystal phosphates Ltd., Punjab Chemicals and Crop protection Ltd. , Mumbai are major indigenous manufacturers of Insecticides in India.

ORGANIC or CHEMICAL source is a matter of choice !!!!

FARMERS are eagerly waiting for the day when they r not forced to buy any brand -Let's pray for the day to come soon, when our humble farmers are able to buy goods brands of Seeds,Fertilizers,Pesticides,Growth Promoters,Hormones,Enzymes and other such inputs at their own choice on their own judgement at ONE SHOP ........ON CREDIT ............ at best Market Operating Price..........above all he gets profitable results

Let us assume that COST of 1kg of Wheat produced by farmers would have been approximately between Rs.15-16/kg during 2013-14.The Minimum Support Price (MSP) of wheat crop of 2013-14 season to be marketed in 2014-15 had been fixed at Rs. 1400 per quintal .i.e. farmer may get revenue of Rs.14/kg.When consumers would have gone to purchase Wheat,they might have had to spend between Rs.25-28/kg..

Moving one step ahead,wheat FLOUR i.e.ATTA aata is available in retail markets at a price of Rs.35-38/kg and that too of reputed brands like Aashirwad,Shaktibhog,Annapurna and Pillsbury.So,if a farmer really wants to get maximum return on investment,he may have his own attta chakki for processing wheat to make flour,and then retail the same at a price of Rs.35-40/kg ATTA.Apart from this by adding a VALUABLE word ORGANIC he may sell wheat flour upto the price of Rs.97/kg. 

गेहूँ बीज wheat seeds PBW 725,PBW 677,HD 3086,WH 1105, HD 2967, PBW 621-50, DBW 88, PBW 550, DBW 17 and PBW 502 are some well known wheat varieties. Kanak gehun wheat must be sown at the optimum time. A delay of one week in sowing may lead to a reduction in wheat yield by more than a quintal per acre

PBW 725 variety of wheat gehun kanak is resistant to yellow and brown rust. It matures in about 154 days.Its average yield is 22.9 Qtl/Acre.This bread wheat variety PBW 725 is is a double dwarf variety with an average plant height of 105 cm.Pusa Gautami (HD 3086), HD 2967,HD 2733,HD 2687 (Shresth),HD 2888 (Pusa Wheat 107),HD 2932 (Pusa Wheat 111),HD 3043, HD 7882 (Vidisha),HD 2864 (Urja),HD 2985 (Pusa Basant),HD 2189, rainfed varieties KUNDAN 1532,HD 2987 (Pusa Bahar),HD 3016,HD 3070 and durum WHEAT variety HD 4713 (Pusa Wheat – 110) are some good varieties to name.HD 2643 is preferred for good chapatis.

WR 544 (Pusa Gold) has high level of resistance to leaf and stem rusts


गेहुं का बीज ENQUIRY regarding seeds WHEAT - gehun- कनक का बीज KANAK may be made to following traders -
1. Surinder Pal Singh Khangura, 5 G, Sarabha Nagar, Opp. PAU-Punjab Agricultural University - Gate No. 2, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, Phone 0161-5083707; 0161-2450773; 0161-2453708
2. Garg Seed Corporation, SCO Number 7G, Opposite PAU Gate No 2, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, Phone 0161-2451220
3.Prabhat Seed Traders 49‐50, Ind., Area, Sector‐2, Kurukshetra, ,Phone 01744-292684; 01744-231684
4.KAMBOJ EXPORT, Bajaj Market Indri, Karnal,Phone-0184-2270938

WHEAT - Kanak - GEHUN- Which variety are u planning for Golden Harvest this year.....aap kaun see KISM variety SOW karenge,Wheat variety PBW 660 for rainfed condition matures in about 162 days and its average grain yield is approx. 17 quintals per acre.WH 1105 a bread wheat variety matures in about 157 days and its average grain yield is approx.around 23 quintals per acre

HD-2967,WH-711, UP-2328, MP-1202 Wheat - KANAK- Gehun - BEEJ laga diya na after SEED treatment.

HD-2967 has yield potential of 21-22 Qtl/Acre (approx.upto 4 Qtl/Bigha). SEED treatment with products like Tebuconazole (e.g.Raxil,Bayer) and Clorpyriphos (e.g.Lethal,Insecticide India) helps to reduce losses due to insects like termite and diseases like smuts.

Farmers in the Northern Hill Zone can grow HS 562 variety of wheat under rainfed n irrigated condition as well.wheat variety HS 542 is good for chapati and bread making qualities.This variety grows well under rain fed situations in North Eastern Hills

Wheat variety गेहूँ ਕਣਕ किस्म HD 3117 can be grown after 15th Dec. in late sown conditions.गेहूँ किस्म HDCSW 18 can escape high temperature at maturity due to early seeding and can also tolerate high temperature at seedling stage.It is suitable for early sown irrigated conditions in northern region

WHEAT Herbicides for common weed management

1.Clodinafop-Propargyl 15 WP (e.g.Topik,SYNGENTA;Levana,FMC;Jhatka,UPL;Avtar,CRYSTAL,Point;NAGARJUNA,Sartaj,TATA Rallis;Moolah,CHEMTURA;Chopper,PONT;Clodinox,JUBILANT;Visa,CHAMBAL;Arjun,JRPL) for management of Gulli Danda(Phalaris) weed in wheat crop 

2.Sulfosulfuron 75 WG 
(e.g.Leader,Sumitomo;SF-10,UPL;Fateh,TATA Rallis,Kaiser,IIL;Nishan,CRYSTAL;Vita,CHAMBAL) for management of Gulli Danda(Phalaris) and broad leaf weeds like Bathu(Amaranthus),Kandiali Palak

3.Metsulfuron Methyl 20 % WP 
(e.g.Algrip,Du Pont)-Bathu,Dokanni,Kandiali Palak,Maina,Billi Buti,Rari

4.Sulfosulfuron 75%+ Metsulfuron Methyl 5% WG
(e.g.Brackett,Du Pont and Total,UPL)- Gulli Danda,Jangli Palak,Bathu,Kandiali Palak,Billi Buti,Maina

5.Mesosulfuron-methyl 3%+Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium 0.6% WG -(e.g.Atlantis,Bayer)- Gulli Danda,Maina,Bathu,Kandiali Palak,Jangli Palak,Billi Buti,Dokanni,Pitpapra

6.Pinoxaden 5.1 EC - (e.g.Axial,Syngenta and Melsa,PI Industries) for managing Wild Oats, Phalaris and Annual Ryegrass

Wheat variety HD 4728 or Pusa Malvi is a durum wheat with high gluten content and is used for making pasta and macaroni.After removal of bran from grain,endosperm of a durum wheat,also called semolina is ground into flour and used to make pasta.HD 4728 is a 90 cm high semi-dwarf variety which matures in about 120 days.wheat variety HW 1098 or Nilgiri Khapli is a long wheat or farro emmer wheat or dicoccum wheat which is low in gluten and used in soups,bread-making and pasta.This is a semi-dwarf variety approx. 85 cm in height

Wheat KANAK gehun REAPER harvesting Implement may cost between Rs.60000-70000 depending upon brand and it's average per day,per acre capacity

Bt Brinjal could not be commercialized in India after protests from environmentalists concerned about toxicity issues,particularly in case of herbicide tolerant GM crops.Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), under the Environment Ministry stopped commercialization of Bt Brinjal in 2009-10. GM crop approved for the first time in India was Cotton in the year 2002. Now,GM mustard Dhara Mustard Hybrid 11 or DMH 11 may soon be in the list of GM crops in Indian agriculture.DMH 11 or Dhara Mustard Hybrid 11 may provide yield increases of 25-30%.This may be the first entry for a herbicide tolerant genetically modified crop(HT GM crop) in India.It is a transgenic hybrid developed by the Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants,University of Delhi,supported by its Biotechnology Department and the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).The DMH-11 mustard line has been created by genetically engineering bacterial genes into selected mustard parent lines to create male sterile parent plants

First GM crop in India i.e.Cotton was approved in the year 2002. Perhaps, environmentalists are concerned about toxicity issues, particularly in case of herbicide tolerant GM crops.
mustard SARSON rai Desi sarson African Sarson Gobhi Sarson Raya Sarson Toria or Lahi 

Shraddha MRR 8012 and Mahyco bold are examples of BROWN grain varieties of mustard seeds produced by Mahyco.

mustard मस्टर्ड सरसों indian mustard राया raya राई सरसों rai sarson african sarson Brassica juncea examples are Pusa Mustard 28, Pusa Mustard 27, Pusa Vijay, Pant Rai 21, Giriraj, RLC-3, PBR 357, PBR 210, RLM 619. Seed coat color is different in different varities of mustard e.g. black seed mustard (DRMR-1288), dark brown seed mustard (RGN-73), brown seed mustard (RCC-4), reddish brown seed mustard (CS-52) and yellow seed mustard (basanti) ustard मस्टर्ड सरसों indian mustard राया raya राई सरसों rai sarson african sarson Brassica juncea examples are Pusa Mustard 28, Pusa Mustard 27, Pusa Vijay, Pant Rai 21, Giriraj, RLC-3, PBR 357, PBR 210, RLM 619. Seed coat color is different in different varities of mustard e.g. black seed mustard (DRMR-1288), dark brown seed mustard (RGN-73), brown seed mustard (RCC-4), reddish brown seed mustard (CS-52) and yellow seed mustard (basanti)


African sarson mustard Brassica carinata African Sarson PC-6 has brown seed whereas Karan Rai and Pusa swarnim grains are yellow

rapeseed रेपसीड सरसों toria sarson तोरिया सरसों gobhi sarson गोभी सरसों  
toria sarson तोरिया सरसों Brassica campestris var toria examples are PBT-37, Tl-17 and TL-15.
gobhi sarson गोभी सरसों Brassica napus examples are GSC -7, GSC-6, GSL-2, GSL-1 and Hybrid Hyola PAC401
taramira तारामीरा rocket salad Eruca sativa example is TMLC-2  

Mahyco yellow sarson variety ULHAS Rapeseed MYSL 203 has 44-45% oil content and bold yellow seeds. It matures in only 100 days. 

short duration toria varieties PBT 37, TL 17, TL 15 can be sown in September first fortnight. pili sarson peeli yellow Indian Mustard-Brassica rapa var. yellow sarson e.g. Pusa Karishma काली सरसों kali sarson ब्लैक मस्टर्ड Indian Mustard-Brassica rapa Pusa Mustard 30 राई raya or Indian Mustard RH0749 with 40 per cent oil matures in about 5 months and yields 9-10 Qtl/Acre for timely sown conditions in the irrigated areas of Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh. Raya sarson mustard PBR 357 contains 39 per cent oil content.It matures in 145 days and its average yield is 8.5 Qtl/Acre 
Mustard/Sarson Pusa Agrani (SEJ-2),Pusa Bold,Pusa Mustard 21 (LES-127),Pusa Mustard 25 (NPJ-112),Pusa Mustard 26 (NPJ-113),Pusa Mustard 27 (EJ-17),Pusa Mustard 28 (NPJ-124),Pusa Mustard 29,Pusa Mustard 30 ,PBR 357 of raya and GSC 7 gobhi sarson,RAI-karan, rai-Pusa Swarnim (IGC-01) are some popular varieties.

Mustard 28 can be sown in early Oct month,SEED yield between 7.5-8 Qtl/Acre 1.5 Quintal/Bigha in 107 days.SARSON/raaee Desi,African Sarson,Gobhi Sarson,Toria yaa Raya Sarson.....kaun see lagate hain aap

Pusa Mustard-28,Pusa Mustard- 26 and Pusa Mustard-21 can be chosen for Early,Late and Timely Sowing,respectively.Farmers can purchase Seeds for sowing between price range of Rs.60-65/kg from govt


Other options are African Sarson PC 6; Gobhi Sarson hybrid Hyola PAC 401; GSC-7; Toria  PBT-37, TL 17 upto 5 Qtl/Acre in just 90 days) ; Raya Sarson (RLC-1); 45S42 PIONEER Du Pont MUSTARD

Brassica varieties having less than 2% erucic acid is known as canola type variety of rapeseed and mustard crop

MINOR CROPS or Lesser Known Crops 

Kulthi Kulath Gahat Horse gram or Macrotyloma uniflorum variety VL Gahat 19,tur dal arhar tuver or pigeon pea or Cajanus cajan variety VL Arhar1,rajma KIDNEY BEAN Rajmah or Phaseolus vulgaris variety VL Rajma 125,Masur Lentil Masar Dal or Lens esculentum variety VL Masoor 129 are popular in mountain belts

Rajgira or chua or ramdana or jhangora or amaranth or Green Amaranthus .ie. Amaranthus frumentaceus variety VL Chua 44,swank or samo seeds or madira or morio or bhagar or Samak or Barnyard Millet or Echinochloa colonum variety VL Madira 207,kuttu or ugal or kotu or buckwheat or Fagopyrum esculentum variety VL Ugal 7,Ragi or mandua or MADDUA or Nachnis or mandal or Finger Millet or Eleusine coracana variety VL Mandua 324 are also gown widely in hill region.

Flour of Corn Maize as Makka atta and other flours of above crops such as kuttu atta,mandwa atta and samo chawal are consumed.

POTATO - Kufri Chipsona,Kufri Bahar,Kufri Pukhraj etc are popular.TAKE care in DISEASE management.Mancozeb 75 % WP-which brand r u using this year -Dithane M-45(Dow Agro);Indofil M-45; Crystal M-45; Sparsh(Biostadt); Macoban(MAgan); Hindustan M 45(HPM); Sinozeb(Sinochem).Mancozeb Flowable 35% SC (Liquid) - Flowin- HT(Indofil) ya HYDROMAN(Sulphur Mills) kaun sa use karne ka plan hai for preventive spray.


Carbendazim 12 % + Mancozeb 63 % WP – which brand r u using this year to have healthy potatoes-Companion(Indofil); SAAF(UPL);Sixer(Dhanuka); Stuff(HPM); Sure(Crystal); Bendaco(Biostadt);Care(Insecticide India); Polir(Sinochem)

Leaf blight diseases may be managed by using Metiram 70 WG (Sanit,PI Industries; Polyram,Bayer) 


ONION- piyaz -KANDA - dungri red, yellow and white which one do u like more.NHRDF Red for Rabi-winter sowing and AGRIFOUND red for Kharif-summer sowing.

Pusa Riddhi is suitable for Kahrif and Rabi sowing.A cropping system consisting of  Kharif onion(Aug to Oct) after Rabi wheat (Nov to April) followed by Mungbean Green gram during Summer(April-June) may be a good choice for northern regions.

seed बीज उपलब्धता..... कृषि संस्थान, पूसा, दिल्ली Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC), IARI Pusa, New Delhi में Seeds availability at ATIC IARI Pusa, DELHI कृषि प्रौद्योगिकी सूचना केन्द्र (एटिक)  as on first week of March 2019

 Mungbean Pusa 0672 seeds are medium sized attractive and tolerant to few viral diseases too.

WEED MANAGEMENT in ONION and GARLIC lahsun - lassan main field can be done by adopting several methods in addition to manual hand weeding and hoeing operations.These are as under:
Option-1.Application of Pendimehalin 30 EC ( e.g.Stomp,BASF) 2-3 days before transplanting
Option-2.Just before transplanting apply Oxyfluorfen 23.5 SC(e.g.Goal,Dow Agro;Zargon,Dhanuka)
Option-3.Application of Quizalofop Ethyl 5% EC(e.g.Pantera,Du Pont;Targa Super,Dhanuka) within a week after transplanting
Option-4.Combination of two different herbicides like Quizalofop Ethyl 5% EC(e.g.Pantera,Du Pont;Targa Super,Dhanuka) and Oxyfluorfen 23.5 SC(e.g.Goal,Dow Agro;Zargon,Dhanuka)

Diseases like purple blotch and insects like thrips infestation should be taken care of.

Spray the crop with fungicide(organic or chemical) as soon as first symptom of purple blotch appears in the crop.
Soybean-onion cropping system is widely adapted in Malwa Plateau Zone of MP(Madhya Pradesh).Soyabean crop takes about 140 days to mature. Its grain yield is between 5.5-6.5 Qtl/Acre.Pusa Soybean 12 (DS 12-13) and Pusa 14 (DS 2614) are good in yield(more than 8 Qtl/Acre),protien around 40 per cent and Oil content is around 20 percent.SL 958 and SL 744 are other good varities of soybean yielding more than 7Qtl/Acre.MSP of Soyabean Yellow समर्थन मूल्य Rs.2560 /- per Quintal for the year 2014-15 (July-June)


Broad & narrow leafed weeds in soyaben may be managed by applying a premix formulation of Imazethapyr 35% + Imazamox 35% WG in moist soyabean fields.

Examples of  premix formulation of Imazethapyr 35% + Imazamox 35% WG are Odyssey,BASF;Bingo,PI Industries and Jodi, Biostadt

Sugarcane/ईख Eekh/ गन्ना Ganna/ शेरडी Sherdi/Kamaad planting can be started from second fortnight of this month.Varieties- like COJ-64,COJ-85 n COJ-83-(early maturing),COH-128, COH-150 COH-119, COJ-88, COS-8436 for mid season and COJ-89 and Co-1148 (late maturing variety) are popular. 

Planting material should be free from diseases like red rot, wilt, ratoon-stunting and grassy shoot.
SUGARCANE - kamaad- GANNA- sherdee- farmers can generate revenue upto Rs.11000/bigha by expect yield upto 28 tonne per acre (5.5 tonne per bigha/55-56 Qtl per Bigha) against the conventional 55 tonnes under normal field conditions by sowing of early maturing sugarcane varieties like CO- 238 can be started from first fortnight of October month.समर्थन मूल्य MSP Rs 210/- per quintal for 2013-14 (July-June) has been fixed by Government

Motha or Nutsedge or Cyperus rotundus in sugarcane ganna kamad eekh may be managed by applying Halosulfuron methyl 75% WG e.g.Sempra,Dhanuka,45 days after planting sugarcane crop.Nutsedge is considered a noxious weed and greatly impacts agriculture by reduction in crop yields   

CHHOLE chana Bengal Gram BGD 72,CHICKPEA Pusa 547,Pusa 1105,Pusa 1108,Pusa 2024,Pusa Chickpea-1103,Pusa 5028 (Desi) PBG 7 is desi gram variety and Kabuli Chana Pusa 5023,Pusa 2085 (Kabuli) are popular

CHHOLE Bengal Gram,MATAR Garden Peas,KIDNEY BEAN Rajmah and CHICKPEA Kabuli Chana,ONION-Piyaz,RADISH-Mooli,SPINACH-Palak and FENUGREEK Methi SEEDS..........what is ur  plan this WINTER 


MASUR/Massar/MASOOR/Lentil mein ab PAANI lagaya ja sakta hai.Pusa Vaibhav Lentil-4147,Pusa Shivalik Lentil-4076,Pusa Masur 5( Lentil 4594) are names of some popular varieties.

Pusa Lentil L-4076 requires less water.Pusa Lentil 5(L 4594) is suitable for rainfed farming also.

SUNFLOWER/Suryamukhi/SOORAJ MUKHI kee sowing kar dee hai na !!!!!! agar baaki hai toh sow the crop in rows 60 cm apart with plant to plant spacing of 30 cm.

Varieties like PSH 996 and PSH 569 are of low height,mature early and have good seed yieldApply irrigation to ridge sown crop 2-3 days after sowing 

American Kesar SAFFLOWER and SAFFRON Kesar 

आपके सवाल -केसर की खेती
1.main odisha main kesar ki khyti karna chahata hun
2.Me rajasthan se hu mujhe kesar ki kheti ke bare me puri jankari chahiye
3.keshar ki Kheti gujarat me karna chah tahu
4.Mujhe keshr ki bij or bechna
5.kesar ki kheti ke bij chahiye
6.hme bàtaiye ki kesar ki kheti kese ki jati hai
7.Kesar ki kheti ki jankari chahiye
8.Hame American kesar ke kheti ki jankari chahiye
9.hme mahiti chahiye kesar ki
KESAR ki adhik jaankari ke liye CLICKwebsite of National Mission on Saffron under National Horticulture Board, Ministry of Agriculture,Government of India
saffron केसर farming..........zafran ki kheti...kesar ki kheti or Saffron crocus farming me income depends on early stigma separation,high saffron recovery
आपके सवाल -अमेरिकन केसर
1.American kesar ke kheti ki Jankari chahiye
2.hame American kesar ki jankari chahiye

अमेरिकन केसर Safflower or Kusum कुसुम or kardi tel phool or american kesar or American Saffron or Dyers' saffron or Wild saffron (dye variety) or Carthamus tinctorius

Brinjal- baingan- बैंगन -eggplant- aubergine- garden egg
Solanum melongena

 Pusa Purple Long..... a trusted variety


Always use good quality certified seed for any crop.Seeds of Pusa Uttam variety of Brinjal is often available in 50 gm packing for Rs.40/- at govt institutions.Fluchloralin e.g. Basalin,BASF may be applied as a weedicide in main field 3 days before transplanting of seedlings


During first week of October 2013 brinjal's retail price in delhi markets ranged between Rs.40-50/kg..........why don't try growing brinjal at your own home and taste vegetable which is truly fresh.

Baingan/Brinjal Fruit and Shoot borer - Leucinodes orbonalis damage  is major reason for farmers getting lower income from  brinjal produce



A number of pesticides have been under use by farmers to manage stem and fruit eating insects besides pheromone trap,sticky trap and biopesticides like Bacillus thuringiensis, Beauveria bassiana e.t.c.
Some of the examples are 
1.Spinosad 45 EC(Tracer,Dow Agro;One-Up,Dhanuka;Spintor,Bayer) 
2.Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 EC(Coragen,Du Pont)
3.Thiacloprid 21.7 EC(Alanto,Bayer)
4.Emamectin Benzoate 5 SG(Proclaim,Syngenta;Missile,Crystal;Bioclaim,Biostadt)
5.Indoxacarb 14.5 SC(Avaunt,Du Pont;Dhawa,Dhanuka;Doxagan,M'Agan)
6.Profenofos 50 EC(Curacron,Syngenta;Banjo,Insecticide India;Prahar,Biostadt)
7.Lambda Cyhalothrin 5 EC(Karate,Syngenta;Judo,Crystal)
8.Triazophos 40 EC(Hostathion,Bayer;Ghatak,Dhanuka)


Examples of pheromone traps are Wota-T (left pic) and Fero-T(right pic) from a company Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd.


These traps are installed in various numbers depending upon crop in fields.

One  more method to increase productivity is through adoption of protected cultivation farming.


sun melon or sarda melon or galia melon or honey melon or Cucumis melo var. reticulatus fruits farmers have made profit upto Rs 80,000 per acre from 7,000 saplings.Each plant yields two fruits.Sarda melon fruits are golden yellow,roundish to elongated globe shaped and weigh 1-1.5 kg.This fruit is ready for harvest in about 85-90 days.Kohinoor variety of sunmelon by a private seed firm known-you seed is so popular that farmers call sarda melon as kohinoor kharbooja.The kohinoor kharbuja is in huge demand.Pusa Sarda variety of sarda melon can be grown in net-house and it yields around 54 Qtl in a 1000 sq.m nethouse

kharbuja or musk melon or cantaloupe or Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis becomes ready for harvest in about 80 days. kharbooja variety Pusa Madhurima fruit is ovate to obovate shape, as they attain nipple shape at peduncle end,with average weight of 775 gram

POLYHOUSE of 200 micron thickness UV Stabilized and SHADE NET- GREEN - 50 % UV Stabilized are popular especially in such crops that are responsive the photoperiods and light acclimation (physiological adjustment) to produce more number of stems and flowers per unit area.

Production technologies for tomato and cucumber are now available with farmers,which are developed by keeping in view the biotic and abiotic stresses.

Cucumber and Tomatoes are cultivated majorly under two types of protected structures namely,naturally ventilated greenhouse and insect-proof net house.

Plastic protrays are used for growing seedlings in Plug Tray nursery raising technology

In certain off-season vegetables like cucurbits,after transplanting seedlings,individual rows are covered by making plastic low tunnels with 1-1.5 ft dimensions.Transparent plastic of 20-30 micron thickness is used in this kind of plastic low tunnel cultivation technology.

Thin transparent film for soil solarization,black film for weed control and perforated mulch for rainy season are used.Plastic film (25 micron) may be seen in vegetable cultivation.

15 micron LLDPE (black) provide better moisture conservation and reduced weed growth,1 kg film can cover 26 sq. m.

Flower crops like Rose,Chrysanthemum,Carnation and Gerbera are highly remunerative when cultivated in climate controlled green house.The application of artificial photoperiod in short day crop increases flower yield.


Drip irrigation system requires regular supply of electricity.

Water and fertilizer requirement inside protected structures like greenhouse,low tunnel,net house e.t.c. is comparatively less but it should be at predetermined time and stage of the plant. 

Precise fertigation is required to get the quality products.Water-soluble nutrients can be easily mixed in hydraulic water head tank system of improved drip irrigation systems like low pressure drip irrigation system

Low pressure drip irrigation system is easy to install,operate and maintain.The major components besides a water tank,are 32 mm diameter LDPE main pipe120 mesh/130 micron disc/screen filter along with the tank connectors.The lateral drip line in this system often consists of pipe of 6/12 mm diameter fitted with in-line dripper of 0.65-1 lph discharge capacity spread all over beds.

MAIZE - u too r READY for sowing makki-bhutta-challi-corn na !!!!!! 

Maize variety PMH 9 is for rabi winetr sowing matures in 180 days and its average yield is 32.5 qunital per acre

Hybrid varieties like Pioneer 31Y45, P1864 and Monsanto Dekalb  offer constant cob size and disease tolerance upto varied extent.Seeds of Pusa Composite 3 variety of maize is often available in 2 kg packing for Rs.70/- at govt institutions.

GUAR- Cluster Bean
EQUITY,Derivatives,COMMODITY or Foreign CURRENCY ......................where do u like to invest..........GUAR Cluster bean COMMODITY TRADING is growing at a fast pace in India.Guar HG 365 is a good variety.Apart from this HYBRID GUAR -801-avg. 9 Qtl/Acre (1.75 Qtl/BIGHA),HG-363- 5 Qtl/Acre (1Qtl/BIGHA) and HG - 563- 7 Qtl/Acre (1.5 Qtl/BIGHA) are known cultivars 

GUAR farmers often fetch price between Rs.4000/- - Rs.8000/- a quintal for seeds, in northern region.Farmers should look for HYBRID GUAR cultivation. 

OAT jawi,sorghumJOWAR,LUCERNE rajka,mustard sarson,maize and BERSEEM are major fodder crops

JAEE/oat seeds should always be of reliable quality and always try to purchase with VAT bill and OL 10 is a good variety.

Carrot is a wonderful salad crop rich in nutrients like carotenoids and minerals. Pusa Payasa is a cream colored variety of carrot.

Radish are also available in various colors.Pusa Gulabi has pink color and Pusa Jamuni variety of radish is a purple colored variety rich in anthocyanin.

Colored Capsicum- Yellow and Red Shimla Mirch,Cherry Tomato,Zuchini - Summer Squash,Leek,Parsley,Broccoli,Red Cabbage add colors to our cooked dishes and farming too.Pizza,Italian rolls,Baked Pasta,Macaroni,Sandwich........what wd u like to enjoy these

KYARI tayar kar lee aapne  !!!!! VEGETABLE NURSERY/PANEERI ke liye.

Aways use well rotten FarmYard Manure(Gobar Khad).DAP or SSP and MOP may be applied as basal dose while Urea in various split does to meet timely requirement of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium in beds prepared for transplanting of vegetables and orchard plantation.

'K'- Potassium improves Fruit quality improvement and reduction of diseases.ORGANIC (e.g.Potash Solubilizing Bacteria) or CHEMICAL(e.g.MOP muriate of potash) source is a matter of choice

'P'- Phosphorus is important in formation of starch,sugar and oil and development of roots,stem and seeds.ORGANIC (e.g.Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria) or CHEMICAL(e.g.SSP,DAP) source is a matter of choice

UREA.......can we achieve MAXIMUM productivity without this.... is it really important for our fields

NITROGEN is a part of Chlorophyll and all proteins enzymes - a major ELEMENT in plant growth.ORGANIC (e.g. Azospirillium Bacteria,Rhizobium etc.) or CHEMICAL (e.g.Urea,CAN etc.) source is a matter of choice

CHILLI - Mirch - Capsicum 

Assam's Bhut Jolokia(Naga Bhut/GHOST CHILLI)-World's HOTTTEST Chiili - Duniya kee sabse teekhi Mirch -ties with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilli.Their measurement of spicy heat goes a level beyond imagination, upto 1 Lac 40 Thousand SHU.Kashmiri Degi mirch measures only upto 2000 SHU.
Chilly ka SHU suna hai na !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scoville Heat Units(SHU) to measure SPICY HEAT of Chilli and it denotes the amount of capsicin present


The judicious use of chemical pesticides is increasing in all crops as more and more new formulations are reaching markets very frequently.Trials for efficacy, studies  of new  agrochemicals  for  domestic  consumption ,imports, indigenous manufacturing for exports of new pesticides  and combinations are gradually on rise in Indian pesticide scenario. Some examples in this category are combination formulations insecticides ( Acetamiprid 0.4% + Chlorpyriphos 20% EC); (Chlorantraniliprole 4.5% + Abamectin 1.8% SC); (Cypermethrin 10% + Indoxacarb 10% SC);( Ethiprole 40% + Imidacloprid 40% (80 WG); (Thiamethoxam 12.6% + Lambda Cyhalothrin 9.5% ZC ); (Fipronil 40% + Imidacloprid 40% WG) alongwith Chlorfluazuron 5.4% EC; Cynatraniliprole 10.26% w/w OD;; Diflubenzuron 2% Gr; Dinotefuran 20% SG(Osheen,PI Ind); Flonicamid 50% WG; Pyridalyl 10% EC; Spiromesifen 22.9% SC(Voltage,PI Ind).Some new entrants in the group of Insect Growth Regulators are methoxyfenozide, tebufenozide,Chromafenozide 80% WP(Dodger,PI Ind) and fufenozide for lepidopteran larvae along with halofenozide for beetle and lepidopteran larvae.
When we think of fungicides in this pool,examples are combinatinations like ( Ametoctradin 27% + Dimethomorph 20.27% SC); (Fenamidone 10% + Mancozeb 50% - 60 WG); (Iprovalicarb 5.5% + Propineb 61.25% WP) alongwith Cyazafamid 34.5% SC; Famoxadone; Metalaxyl M 31.8% ES and Tebuconazole 5.36% FS.
Some examples of pesticide and agrochemical  manufacturing companies active in these kind of innovations are BASF, Bayer,Syngenta, Sumitomo, Du Pont, Chemtura, UPL, Gharda, Dhanuka and PI Industries 


Jatropha biodiesel plant leaves are also used for dressing wounds,oil may be used as an organic insecticide.

Karanj (Pongamia..pinnata) may also be used

The oil from Jatropha curcas is mainly converted into biodiesel.
Let's take an example of Banana केला Kela many names of different varieities having different characteristics....JungleKela, KanaiBansi, Pagalapahad, Acuminata, Lairawak, BorkalBaista, Manohar, Pagalapahad, ValiyaKunnan, Narmine, Nattupoovan, Padalimoongil, Sasra Bale, Bachariamalbhog, Khungsangwild, BeejiKela, Phirimawild, Myndoli, Chengalikodan, Neokhom, DwarfCavendish, Gandevi, GrandNaine, Robusta, Manoranjitham, Pachakappa, Bangladesh, Honda, Malbhog, Thozhuvan, Krishnavazhai, Pachaladan, Ladan, Ennabenian, Mannan, Cherapadathi, CheniChampa, Palayankodan, Poovan, PisangSeribu, Chinali, Agnimalbhog, Battisapiro, Nepalivannan, Vananthpurani, SambraniMonthan, Ladisan, Bankela, Enikomban, Kachkel, Chirapunji, Singalaji, Bersain, Kullarkanai, Monthan, Mathok grang..................Pura Kal (Kach Kal) for banana chips is of culinary type as it has starchy fruits and are used in the mature unripe form as vegetable.Pura Kal (Kach Kal) is also a tall variety 

kela Banana केला varieties Grand Naine G-9, Cavendish, Jamaican banana Bodles Altafort, Kaveri Banana, Nendran, Robusta, Monthan, Poovan or Mysore banana, Ney Poovan, Karpuravalli banana or Kanthali kela, Pacha Nadan, Dwarf Cavendish, Robusta, Nendran, Rastali or Rasthali, Safed Velchi, Virupakashi Monthan and Red Banana are promising varieties. Jungle Kela, Kanai Bansi, Pagalapahad, Acuminata, Lairawak, Borkal Baista, Manohar, Pagalapahad, Valiya Kunnan, Narmine, Nattupoovan, Padalimoongil, Sasra Bale, Bacharia malbhog, Khungsang wild, Beeji Kela, Phirima wild, Myndoli, Chengalikodan, Neokhom, Dwarf Cavendish, Gandevi, Manoranjitham, Pachakappa, Bangladesh, Honda, Malbhog, Thozhuvan, Krishnavazhai, Pachaladan, Ladan, Ennabenian, Mannan, Cherapadathi, Cheni Champa, Palayankodan, Pisang Seribu, Chinali, Agnimalbhog, Battisapiro, Nepalivannan, Vananthpurani, Sambrani Monthan, Ladisan, Bankela, Enikomban, Kachkel, Chirapunji, Singalaji, Bersain, Kullarkanai, Monthan, Mathok many names of Banana केला Kela varieties

Banana farmers have increased their productivity by using tissue culture banana plants and progressive banana growers have taken two ratoon crops consecutively in about 30 months.Pura Kal (Kach Kal) for banana chips is of culinary type as it has starchy fruits and are used in the mature unripe form as vegetable.Pura Kal (Kach Kal) is also a tall variety.Dwarf Cavendish,Champa, Mortman, Rasthali, Amrit Sagar, Giant Governor,Basrai, Safed velchi, Mutheli,Red banana, Sandhurni,Lacatan,Poovan,Nyali, Ardhapuri, Rasthali, Karpurvalli, Karthali,Rajeli,Harichal or Harichhal are some important banana varieties 

COCONUT WATER and SNOW BALL TENDER NUT after morning walk,use of COCOPEAT in Gardening,HAIR OIL after bath,KERNEL in PRASAD after Puja,virgin COCONUT oil,Milk,Vinegar,Jaggery,Powder,Cream,Copra,CHIPS , COCOCONUT CANDY, buiscuits and COIR MATRESS for bed..............aur KYA-KYA kahoon.......aap sab jaante hain.U know everything.




IMAGINE how many days in a year we DO NOT USE COCONUT...............Of Course add a new word ORGANIC (after Certification and Registration) to add value to your BUSINESS

2 Fertilizer and Pesticide recommendations
3 Advice in setting up of PESTICIDE Shops
4 Advice in FIELD ACTIVITIES with farmers

2.Freelance TRAINER
Conducted Capacity Building training programs for a reputed agri input company.Training of sales team  in paddy and wheat belt such as Sangrur,Bathinda,Hanumangarh,Jaipur and Jodhpur.

3.CONSULTANCY services for PESTICIDE Shops 
1.Which brands to keep and when to recommend.
2.Deciding  products and brands to be purchased
3.Display and MBQ for shop
4.Marketing and Demand creation strategy
Call DELHI @ 9910517789;9650575335 
1.AGRO CONSULTANCY and  Visit Services to farmers 

Organic or Chemical is a matter of choice. 
VEGETABLES  in  Balcony Gardens replacing ornamental pots plants - KARELA Bitter Gourd covering all balcony space.Space is never a constraint in GARDENING...........KNOW UR PLANTS for ur HAPPINESS

S.Nolocal namegenuspart usedtreats
1atisaconitumdried rootscold
2churaangelica dried rootsheart
3ratanjotarnebiadried rootsblood
4phunkar burtseartimesiadried fruitsdeworming
5kala jeeracarumseed powderdigestion
6salampanjadactylorhizadried rootskidney
7somlataephedradried leavesliver
8jangli daturahyoscyamusseed powdertoothache
9manuinuladried rootsbody pain
10karoopicrorhizadried rootsfever
11bankakripodophyllumdried fruitsuterus
12artsorheumdried rootsconstipation
13kuthsaussureadried rootscough
Most of these are practised in "SWARIGPA"- Tibetan System of Medicine

  Meetha/Banwa (Aconitum balfourri); Ratanjot (Arnebia euchroma); Fankamal (Saussurea gossypiphora ); Atis (Aconitum heterophyllum) on left


Atis (Aconitum heterophyllum);Dolu (Rheum australe) and Salam Panja (Dactylorhiza hatagirea) on right.


Dhoop (Juniperus indica); Lhook-rhoo Karpoh (Pedicularis bicornuta); Shoma (Verbascum thapsus) n Somlata (Ephedra gerardiana)

 Shoh-rhoo Karpoh (Pedicularis verticillata);Dolu (Rheum australe); Choru(Angelica glauca);Lhook-rhoo Karpoh (Pedicularis bicornuta) 

Gentiana, Potentilla, Fragaria sp. above in pic;Artemesia silver leaves) and Hyssopus sp. are common Medicinal Plants found in the Himalayas.


SPITI (Himachal )

Delhi ( 239 m)

Manali (2050 m)


Kunzum la (14,800 ft/4,500 m).







KazaKaza (3686m)Kaza

Tabo Monastery



Hikkim(15,500 ft)






Kungri Monastery



Sagnam(PIN Valley)

Me in HIKKIM- The village with highest Post Office in the world situated in SPITI valley of Himachal Pradesh.
Geographically Lahaul and Spiti is the largest district but the population density of this place is very low.
The administrative headquarters of district consisting two valleys Lahaul and Spiti is located in KEYLONG in LAHAUL Valley

HIKKIM - The village with Highest Post Office in the World.

Gangotri is approachable by bus from Delhi.

After that one has to be on foot.Support is available - Horses and Porter.
First base camp is Bhojwasa-14 kms from Gangotri.Tent accomodation and Dormitories are available.The
next day one can move towards gomukh.On reaching gomukh glacier the base may be TAPOVAN.
Approx 200 m height on the opposite side of Gomukh.
Utmost care should be taken while crossing the Gomukh glacier when going to Tapovan,
as there is a danger of breaking of glacier.

See the Gomukh Glacier splitting into two pieces while we were crossing for the other side of it to reach
Tapovan.Bhagirath,Split Gomukh,Gomukh and Tapovan make a magnificient view.


On the left of Gomukh tourists can see Bhagirath while on the right is Tapovan.
There are two huts in tapovan which lodging and fooding is availble on payment.
One hut is of Israeli Baba- A lady from Israel turned Hindu saint and settled there.
The other hut is of Bengali Baba,now his wife was managing.
Late Baba ,can be seen in photographs removing snow cover of his hut ,
with the photograph even during chilled winter of Himalayas ,
during the season when a normal tourist is seen in tons of woolen clothes,
while the bengali baba was in only Dhoti-the tranditonal dress of saints.
The power was believed to be because of the Yoga he practised

ACONITUM - This is the rarest plant myself was fortunate enough to locate few.

Aconitum heterophyllum

DACTYLORHIZA- A very potent medicine in practice.

Dactylorhiza                                                 Ephedra sp.

EPHEDRA-A plant very much in use for blood related ailments. 
UNIVERSALLY the name Ephedra is well known among WWE fans as a good FAT BURNER.

Piccrorhizha kurroa

PICRORHIZA-Kurro easily accesible throuh traders,difficullt to identify in its natural habitat.

2010 Photo of THE Nursery and Same Medicinal Plant sown and  FENCED by me in 2003

Same Nursery IN 2003 next day after fencing and sowing.Same Nursery IN 2004 soon after melting of snow.
Same plants of Medicinal Value are yet to be uprooted.
1.Agroconsultancy services to farmers
2.Advisory services in setting up of Pesticide Shop

FOOD PROCESSING and packaging units of small scale are mushrooming,a number of which are being managed by Self Help Groups(SHGs) supported by several national and international Non-Government Organisations(NGOs) and many development organisations.


We often come to hear from various stakeholders involved in food business say that cost of production many a times becomes so high that they r force to rethink strategically.Many be there are few factors besides Govt.policy,which could be under control of operational management team of a related factory.Some suggestions for these kind of factors are:
1.Reduction of wastage of raw materials and packaging materials
2.Reduction in manufacturing lead time in order to increase output
3.Material control system should be effective in reducing cost of production
4.Establishment of continuity in  process flow
5.Establishment of Quick decision making process
These kinds of points when reviewed from time to time may bring relief upto some extent.

RETAIL business consultancy

Retail - the common business with uncommon policy and  operational challenges,is still the preferred investment for many business aspirants and leaders.Global Retail Giants like Walmart,French retail biggie Carrefour,Metro,France-based Auchan,Dutch retailer SPAR entered Indian Markets but none of them were able to operate multibrand retail stores of their own because of Govt.policies.Wish whenever they get congenial environment to enter this format,they should think of Retail Agri Business too so that farming communities too get a chance to have option of economically open market.

 Agri Business Development CONSULTANCY for:
1.Agro-input Suppliers
2.Organized and Traditional Retail 
3.On Call VISITS to farmers 


Trade NameMain Plant ChemicalsMain Company
AbacinAbamectin 1.9 %Crystal Phosphates
ACTARAThiamethoxam 25WG                 Syngenta India Ltd
AdmireImidacloprid 70 WSBayer
AlverdeMetaflumizone 22 SCBASF India Ltd.
APPLAUDBuprofezin 25 SCTata RALLIS
ASATAFAcephate 75 % SPTata RALLIS
AVAUNTIndoxacarb 14.5 SCDu Pont
Boregan SPCartap Hydrochloride 50 % SPInsecti
CaesarIndoxacarb 14.5% + Acetamiprid 7.7% SC  Tata RALLIS
CalypsoThiacloprid 240 SCBayer
CASCADEFlufenoxuron 10 DCBASF India Ltd.
Challenger Cypermethrin 10 ECTropical
CONFIDORImidacloprid 17.8 SLBayer
CoragenChlorantraniliprole 18.5 % SCDu Pont
CURACRONProfenofos 50 ECSyngenta India Ltd
CURBIXEthiprole 10 SCBayer
CYMBUSHCypermethrin 25 ECSyngenta India Ltd
DacomainDicofol 18.5 ECM Agan
DanitolFenpropathrin 2.4 ECSumitomo Chemicals
DantotsuChlothianidin 50 WDGSumitomo Chemicals
Decis 2.8Deltamethrin 1.8 ECBayer
DIAZOLDiazinon 60 ECM Agan
DimilinDiflubenzuron 25% WPDhanuka
EKALUXQuinalphos 25 ECSyngenta India Ltd
FAMEFlubendiamide 39.35 SCBayer
FARSAAlphamethrin 10 ECBASF India Ltd.
FuradanCarbofuran 3 GFMC
HitonPhosphamidon 40 SLBIOSTADT
HOSTATHIONTriazophos 40 ECBayer
IMPERIALBifenthrin 10 ECM Agan
KARATELambda Cyhalothrin 5 ECSyngenta India Ltd
LANNATEMethomyl 40 SPDu Pont
LaraChlorpyriphos 50 EC+Cypermethrin 5 ECCrystal Phosphates
LARVINThiodicarb 75 WPBayer
LEPIDOChlorfenapyr 10 SCPI Ind
Lethal Chlorpyriphos 20 ECInsecticide India Ltd
MagisterFenzaquin 10ECDu Pont
MaidenHexythiazox BIOSTADT
Malathion DUSTMalathion 5 % DustNIMLA Organics
MarshalCarbosulfan 25 ECFMC
MatadorLambda Cyhalothrin 2.5 ECSyngenta India Ltd
MATCHLufenuron 50 ECSyngenta India Ltd
MeothrinFenpropathrin 30 ECSumitomo Chemicals
METACILMethyl Parathion 50 ECInsecticide India Ltd
MonocilMonocrotophos 36 SLInsecticide India Ltd
NilmiteEthion 50 ECBIOSTADT
Nukil Ethofenprox Dhanuka
NUVANDichlorvos(DDVP) 76 ECSyngenta India Ltd
PADANCartap Hydrochloride 4% GRCoromandel 
PLETHORAIndoxacarb 4.5% + Novaluron 5.2%Magan
PollardImidacloprid 30.5 ECBharat Insecticide
POLODiafenthiuron 50 WPSyngenta India Ltd
POLYTRIN 44 ECProfenofos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% ECSyngenta India Ltd
PREDATORChlorpyriphos 50 ECDow Agro
PRIDEAcetamiprid 20 % SPDow Agro
PROCLAIMEmamectin Benzoate 5 SGSyngenta India Ltd
REGENTFipronil  0.3% GRBayer
Regent LIQFipronil  5 SCBayer
RIMONNovaluron 10 ECIndofil
ROGORDimethoate 30 ECTata RALLIS
SednaFenpyroximate 5% SCTata RALLIS
SEVINCarbaryl 50 WPBayer
ShieldBiorational molecule with 2.62% copper sulphatePI Ind
SimbaPropargite 57 ECPI Ind
SNAILKIL 2.5 % BaitMetaldehyde 2.5% DPPI Ind
SparkTriazophos 35 % + Deltamethrin 1%Bayer
Spectrum DEthion 40% + Cypermethrin 5% ECDhanuka
SumipremptPyriproxifen 5 % EC + Fenpropathrin 15 % ECSumitomo Chemicals
TAKUMIFlubendiamide 20 WGTata RALLIS
Tatafen Fenvalrate 20% ECTata RALLIS
ThimetPhorate 10 GInsecticide India Ltd
TracerSpinosad 45 SC Dow Agro
TUSKERDeltamethrin 0.72 % + Buprofezin 1.65 %Crystal Phosphates
ULTIMATEImidacloprid 0.3 G GranuleEXCEL Crop Care
WINNERBPMC Fenobucarb 50 ECInsecticide India Ltd
WINNERFenubocarb BPMCInsecticide India Ltd


Main Plant ChemicalsBRAND NameCOMPANY
Dimethomorph 50 WPAcrobatBASF India Ltd.
Fosetyl AL-80 WPALIETTEBayer
TriticonazoleAliosBASF India Ltd.
Azoxystrobin 23 % SCAmistarSyngenta India Ltd
Propineb 70 WPANTRACOLBayer
OrysostrobinArashiBASF India Ltd.
Zineb 68%+Hexaconazole 4%WPAVTAARIndofil
Hexaconazole 4% + Zineb 68% WP  AvtarIndofil
MEMC 6%BAGALOL-6United Phosphorus Ltd.
Carbendazim 50 WPBAVISTINBASF India Ltd.
Bitertanol 25 WPBAYCORBayer
Tridimefon 25 WPBAYLETONBayer
Tricyclazole 75 %BeamDow Agro
Benomyl 50% WPBenlateDu Pont
Kasugamycin 3% SLBiomycinBiostadt
Copper Oxychloride 50 WPBlitoxTata RALLIS
PyraclstrobinCABRIOBASF India Ltd.
PyraclstrobinCABRIOBASF India Ltd.
Metiram 55% + Pyraclostrobin 5% WG (FI)Cabrio TOP 60%WGBASF India Ltd.
Tridemorph 80 ECCALIXINBASF India Ltd.
Captan 50 WPCaptraIndofil
Hexaconazole 5 % ECContafTata RALLIS
Streptomycin + Tetracycline (90+10)CristocyclineCrystal Phosphates
Ziram 27 SLCuman LSyngenta
Cymoxanil 8%+ Mancozeb 64% WPCURZATE M8Du Pont
DithianonDelanBASF India Ltd.
Mancozeb 75 % WPDithane M-45Dow Agro
Cymoxanil 22.1 % SC+ Famoxadone 16.6 %EquationDu Pont
Kresoxim methyl 500SCErgon 44.3% SCTata RALLIS
Mancozeb Flowable 35% SC (Liquid)Flowin- HTIndofil
Tebuconazole Liquid 250 % ECFolicurBayer
IsoprothiolaneFujioneTata RALLIS
Thiram Vegfra thiram PI Ind
Zineb 75 WPIndofil Z-78Indofil
Propiconazole 13.9% + Difenoconazole 13.9% EC  Inspire XTSyngenta India Ltd
Dinocap 48%ECKarathaneDow Agro
Chlorothalonil 75 WPKAVACHSyngenta India Ltd
Copper hydroxide 77 WPKocideDu Pont
Boron 20 %Liberal BORONCiba Du Pont
Tricyclazole 18% + Mancozeb 62% WPMERGERIndofil
Tetraconazole 11.6 %Mettle 125 MEIsagro (Asia) 
Tebuconazole 50% + Trifloxystrobin 25% WG (FI)NATIVO 75 WGBayer
Dodine 65 % WPNOORIndofil
Flusilazole 40 ECNUSTARDu Pont
Carbendazim  46.27 % SC (Liquid)Pearl-46.27% SCSulphur Mills
Metiram 70% WGPOLYRAMBayer
Iprodione 25%+Carbendazim 25% WPQUINTALBayer
Tebuconazole 2 DSRAXILBayer
Mandipropamid 23.4% SC  REVUSSyngenta India Ltd
Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64% WPRIDOMIL MZSyngenta India Ltd
Tolclofos MethylRizolexSumitomo Chemicals
FenarimolRubiganDu Pont
Carbendazim 12 % + Mancozeb 63 % WPSAAFUnited Phosphorus Ltd.
Difenconazole 25 ECSCORESyngenta India Ltd
Validamycin 3LSheathmarDhanuka  
ProchlorazSportakBASF India Ltd.
ProxymidoneSumilexSumitomo Chemicals
Myclobutanil 10 % WPSysthaneDow Agro
Hexaconazole  5 % WP + Captan 70 %TAQATTata RALLIS
Captan 70%+Hexaconazole 5%WPTaqat(TATA Rallis)Tata RALLIS
Sulphur 80 WPTHIOVITSyngenta India Ltd
Propiconazole 25 ECTILTSyngenta India Ltd
Penconazole 10 ECTOPASSyngenta India Ltd
Thiophanate Methyl 70WPTOPSINSyngenta India Ltd
Carboxin VitavaxDhanuka  

MANGO Orchard Management

MANGO hopper,Mealy bug,Powdery mildew n Anthracnose...........DO THEY frighten u !!!!!!!!!!

MANGO Inflorescence - It's time for bloom to be at peak stage.AAM ke BOUR/Manjar ka khayal rakh rahe na !!!!!!!!!! 

PHOOL aur PHAL kee sankhya mein bahut JYADA ANTAR naa aane paye.MANGO management is on na !!!! MANGO MALFORMATION - Jhumka/Banjha ROG se bachane ke liye ANA,Propargite ya Crbenadazim+Mancozeb Combo !!!!!!!! KYA spray kiya aapne.

CHAUSA,ALPHONSO(hapus),RITOL,ZARDALU,FAZRI,SAFEDA(banganapalli)...................kuch bhee khaa legne aap par KESAR ka to apna maza hai.KESAR MANGO prices go even upto Rs.30/- per PIECE during MANGO FESTIVALS in markets like DILLI HAAT


Red Apple varieties namely Scarlet Gala, Red Delicious, Royal Delicious,Vance Delicious, Red Chief, Shimla apple, Kinnaur Apple,Chamura, Red June,  Gala, Honey Crisp, Crips pink, Cameo, apple Fuji, Ambri Kashmiri, Red Maharaji and American Trel are popular. Apple varieties such as ANNA and DORSET Golden, Jeromine, Red Velox  are examples of exotic apples
Cherry APPLE Malus baccata or Indian crab tree or JANGLI SEB or palo is commonly used as a rootstock and pollintor for apple plants.Other pollinizer varieties are Summer Queen, Tydeman’s Early Worcester, Lord Lambourne,Spartan, Glauster and Red McIntosh GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLE, Granny Smith and other green apples.Fruits on pollinator varieties of apple matures much earlier and is picked separately

APPLE Mandi - ITC,Adani,Mother Dairy for SAFAL,Indian Railways for Container Corporation of India (CCI) or LOCAL Market/MANDI.....Where would u sell ur Apples this season !! Easy accessibility, transparency and control over bid, lesser fare, nominal labour charges, no need of permanent and attractive packaging and above all the facility of getting cash on the same day.........THIS is what any apple Grower/FARMER would expect na !!!!!!!


सेब Indian Apples Kashmiri & Himachal Apple golden delicious apple,Granny Smith and other green apples are generally used as the pollinator for a Red apple field block.Fruits on pollinator varieties of apple matures much earlier and is picked separately.It also allow for easier picker discrimination between the red and green coloured fruit,and this would avoid the two varieties being mistakenly picked and mixed in the lot

How may boxes of apples (approx.20 kg) did u sell this year in local market and how many in distant markets. Apple fruit color development in warmer and lower (below 1800 m) elevations is generally poor.GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLE variety is really juicy n crispy

packing material,manpower and orchard ladder etc. should be kept ready before starting harvesting operation. Apple varieties namely Scarlet Gala, Red Delicious, Royal Delicious,Vance Delicious, Red Chief, Shimla apple, Kinnaur Apple, Red June,  Gala, Honey Crisp, Crips pink, Cameo, Red Velox, apple Fuji, Ambri Kashmiri, Red Maharaji and American Trel are popular

Kinnaur Apple variety for Rs.100-140/kg were sold in retail markets of Delhi during Nov'14,Apple Red Delicious between Rs.170-190/kg and apple fuji between Rs.200-220/kg, while Shimla variety for Rs.80-100/kg. budding and tongue grafting methods are commonly used for propagation of apple.A very early season Golden Delicious style exotic apple variety from Israel, ANNA and DORSET Golden are known for their very low chill requirement

Dormex is an example of  3 % hydrogen cynamide. When applied 40 days before bud break,it enhances flowering and improves fruit set.When permissible in apple orchard spray schedule. Apple growers may spray TSO (tree spray oil 4 L/200 L) or HMO (horticulture mineral oil) at 2.5 L/200L DRUM of water to manage Mite Eggs and Scale....e.g.Caltax DC(Caltex Lubricants),Orchex 796(Esso Petroleum),IPOL(Sah Petroleum),Servo(Indian Oil) and MAK All Seaon HMO(Bharat Petroleum).MAK All Seaon HMO(Bharat Petroleum), Orchex 796(Esso Petroleum), SHELTER, LOVEN, IPOL (Sah Petroleum), Servo(Indian Oil), HPCL’TSO, Caltax DC(Caltex Lubricants) and IOCL spray oil etc Servo oil, Agrospray Orchard, Loveen30, Agro Emulsion, IPOL Orchard, D-C-TornPlus, Shelter909 Summer oil, Sparrow-888, HMO Orchol-13, Shell Mineral oil, Orchol TSO, MAK ALL Season HMO, HP tree spray oil, HRC spray oil plus HMO, HP spray oil E(HPSOE), MAK HMO, HP HMO, HMO Rilso-999, Arbofine HMO and other dormant spray oils & horticultural mineral oils are required for scale and mite pests infesting during Green Bud Tip and Tight Cluster Stages 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not the kind of apple being talked about to keep the doctor away. Lets have a look at some healthy apples that too of good varieties namely Royal Delicious,Vance Delicious, Red Chief, Scarlet Gala and Red Delicious are also popular

Yes, these are the ones which keep us healthy.What makes them good and healthy apples let's find out.Quality of apple and yield varies with rootstocks, cultivars, soil fertility, weather conditions and orchard management practices.

To prepare seedling of rootstock, seeds are sown in polythene bags and stratified during December for 2-3 months at 2-5 degree celcius temperature

APPLE flowers Tight Cluster to PINK Stage.

At the young age of orchard plantations, vegetables like cole crops, potato and tomato are grown to supplement the income. However, this practice is abandoned when the orchard starts bearing after 5-7 years to avoid competition

Pruning should start from top of tree to downwards.Competing branches should be thinned out. Large cuts should be covered with Bordeaux paste. Upward growing branches should be cut back to strong laterals. Light to moderate pruning should be done in case of bearing trees


WEEDS - not only compete with our plants and cultivations,but also harbor several other PESTS and PATHOGENS. mulching with hay or black alkathene is found to be effective in controlling the weeds in cool climates and also in conserving moisture. Use of dry grass or oak leaves has also been found to be effective in conserving soil moisture

सेब में स्कैब बीमारी फफूंद Venturia inaequalis द्वारा फैलती है ............. शमीर, अदामा Tebuconazole 8% +Captan 32% SC सेब की फसल का फूफूंदीनाशक है It has both Contact & Systemic action against scab of apple. Fungicide फफूँदनाशी for apple orchard disease management Captan 32% +Tebuconazole 8% SC e.g. Shamir 40SC, ADAMA is sprayed at Petal fall stage or 12-15 days after Pink bud stage or at first stage of fruit development. Tebuconazole is a systemic triazole fungicide which act against a wide spectrum of diseases in many crops by protective, curative and eradicative action. They inhibit the reproduction and further growth of the target fungus by interfering in the process of building the structure of the fungal cell wall. Captan is widely used in various crops as seed dressing fungicide and for the control of root rot, foot rot, seedling blight, black tip and black spot diseases

2. selection of GOOD VARIETIES

yellow colored apple variety chamura from himalayan region arrives late in market. Red Velox apple is a variety from Italy now grown in apple belt. golden delicious apple is a greenish yellow apple and is generally used as the pollinator for a red apple field block

Royal Delicious from Himachal Pradesh reach markets early than other apple varieties.Ambri Kashmiri is the most popular apple in Jammu and Kashmir region.Red Delicious apple variety is world renowned and most widely grown cultivar.

Red Chief variety of apple is known for its deep red skin and crunchy pulp.

White Dotted Red MAHARAJI variety of Apple look beautiful.Oblate shape,medium sizes AMERICAN TREL apple variety is sweet

CLICK  for more

Red Apple varieties namely Scarlet Gala,Red Delicious,Royal Delicious,Vance Delicious, Red Chief,Gala,Honey Crisp,Crips pink, Cameo,Red Velox, apple Fuji, Ambri Kashmiri, Red Maharaji and American Trel are popular.



spraying operation should be avoided in bloom stage as it may deter HONEY BEE activity

Fruit development(Walnut size APPLE) stage is very prone to mite infestation.

MANAGEMENT of Insects Pests

What did u spray this season in Apple Orchard to prevent from Insect attack -Hexythiazox e.g.Maiden(Biostadt)or Fenpyroximate e.g.Sedna(Tata Rallis) or Fenzaquin e.g.Magister(Du Pont)

MANAGEMENT of Diseases in Orchard

What did u spray this season in Apple Orchard to prevent from diseases -Pyraclostrobin+Metiram combo e.g.Cabrio Top (BASF); Zineb+Hexaconazole Combo e.g.Avtar(Indofil) or Kresoxim Methyl e.g. Ergon(Tata Rallis)

fungicides such as Cabrio Top,Bayer and Clutch,PI Industries contain Pre-mixture formulation of Pyraclostrobin and Metiram,a new generation fungicide based on advance strobilurin technology

Main Plant ChemicalsTrade NameMarketed By
Captan 70%+Hexaconazole 5%WPTaqat(TATA Rallis)Tata RALLIS
Carbendazim 12 % + Mancozeb 63 % WPSAAFUnited Phosphorus Ltd.
Carbendazim 50 WPBAVISTINBASF India Ltd.
Copper hydroxide 77 WPKocideDu Pont
Copper Oxychloride 50 WPBlitoxTata RALLIS
Difenconazole 25 ECSCORESyngenta India Ltd
Dinocap 48%ECKarathaneDow Agro
Dodine 65 % WPNOORIndofil
FenarimolRubiganDu Pont
Flusilazole 40 ECNUSTARDu Pont
Hexaconazole 4% + Zineb 68% WPAvtarIndofil
Iprodione 25%+Carbendazim 25% WPQUINTALBayer
Kresoxim methyl 500SCErgon 44.3% SCTata RALLIS
Mancozeb 75 % WPDithane M-45Dow Agro
Mancozeb Flowable 35% SC (Liquid)Flowin- HTIndofil
Metiram 55% + Pyraclostrobin 5% WG (FI)Cabrio TOP 60%WGBASF India Ltd.
Penconazole 10 ECTOPASSyngenta India Ltd
StreptocyclineStreptocyclineCrystal Phosphates
Streptomycin + Tetracycline (90+10)CristocyclineCrystal Phosphates
Thiophanate Methyl 70WPTOPSINSyngenta India Ltd
Tricyclazole 75 %ForceInsecticide India
Tricyclazole 18% + Mancozeb 62% WPMERGERIndofil
Validamycin 3LSheathmarDhanuka
Ziram 27 SLCuman LSyngenta

Tricyclazole 75 %BEAMDow Agro
Kasugamycin 3% SLKasu-BDhanuka
Propiconazole 25 ECTILTSyngenta India Ltd
Validamycin 3LSheathmarDhanuka
Copper Oxychloride 50 WPBlitoxTata RALLIS
Mancozeb 75 % WPDithane M-45Dow Agro
Carbendazim 50 WPBAVISTINBASF India Ltd.

Azoxystrobin 23 % SCAmistarSyngenta India Ltd
Benomyl 50% WPBenlateDu Pont
Biorational molecule with 2.62% copper sulphateShieldPI Industries Ltd.
Bitertanol 25 WPBAYCORBayer
Boron 20 %Liberal BORONCiba Du Pont
Captan 50 WPCaptraIndofil
Carbendazim 46.27 % SC (Liquid)Pearl-46.27% SCSulphur Mills
Chlorothalonil 75 WPKAVACHSyngenta India Ltd
Cymoxanil 22.1 % SC+ Famoxadone 16.6 %EquationDu Pont
Cymoxanil 8%+ Mancozeb 64% WPCURZATE M8Du Pont
Dimethomorph 50 WPAcrobatBASF India Ltd.
DithianonDelanBASF India Ltd.
Fosetyl AL-80 WPALIETTEBayer
Hexaconazole 5 % WP + Captan 70 %TAQATTata RALLIS
Hexaconazole 5 % ECContafTata RALLIS
IsoprothiolaneFujioneTata RALLIS
Mandipropamid 23.4% SCREVUSSyngenta India Ltd
MEMC 6%BAGALOL-6United Phosphorus Ltd.
Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64% WPRIDOMIL MZSyngenta India Ltd
Metalaxyl-M 3.3% + Chlorothalonil 33.1% SC

Metiram 70% WGPOLYRAMBayer
Myclobutanil 10 % WPSysthaneDow Agro
OrysostrobinArashiBASF India Ltd.
ProchlorazSportakBASF India Ltd.
Propiconazole 13.9% + Difenoconazole 13.9% ECInspire XTSyngenta India Ltd
Propineb 70 WPANTRACOLBayer
ProxymidoneSumilexSumitomo Chemicals
PyraclstrobinCABRIOBASF India Ltd.
Sulphur 80 WPTHIOVITSyngenta India Ltd
Tebuconazole 2 DSRAXILBayer
Tebuconazole 50% + Trifloxystrobin 25% WG (FI)NATIVO 75 WGBayer
Tebuconazole Liquid 250 % ECFolicurBayer
Tetraconazole 11.6 %Mettle 125 MEIsagro (Asia)
ThiramHexathir (Parry chemicals), Vegfra thiram (Pesticides India), Thiride (IEL).
Tolclofos MethylRizolexSumitomo Chemicals
Tridemorph 80 ECCALIXINBASF India Ltd.
Tridimefon 25 WPBAYLETONBayer
TriticonazoleAliosBASF India Ltd.
Zineb 75 WPIndofil Z-78Indofil

Therefore,an apple a day keeps the doctor away stands true only when the apple itself is healthy. 

Red Delicious, Royal Delicious and Golden Delicious and some other cultivars have tendency to bear a heavy crop in one year followed by a poor crop next year. Apple harvesting is done when fruit attains intense skin colour and proper size peculiar to a variety

Cherry APPLE Malus baccata or Indian crab tree or JANGLI SEB or palo is commonly used as a rootstock and pollintor for apple plants.Fruits are usually of small size, sub-acidic to sweet in taste often small cherry sized 1-3 cm in diameter are eaten as they have apple flavour.Some cherry apple fruits have tart flavour and astringent taste and are eaten after cooking as a vegetable.They are also suitable for processing into jam, jellies and preserve

golden delicious apple is a greenish yellow apple and is generally used as the pollinator for a red apple field block.Other pollinizer varieties are Summer Queen, Tydeman’s Early Worcester, Lord Lambourne, Spartan, Glauster and Red McIntosh GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLE, Granny Smith and other green apples.Fruits on pollinator varieties of apple matures much earlier and is picked separately

पर्वतीय क्षेत्रों में villagers believe that attempt is being made to play with nature since anti-hail guns are being used before having done any assessment of its impact on the local atmosphere and also there could be some technical issue due to which anti-hail guns are not successful till date in apple orchards

apple farmers' anti-hail guns फलों को ओलावृष्टि से बचाने के लिए ओला निरोधक बंदूक anti-hail gun fires a curious mix of acetylene gas into the atmosphere at the black cloud formation manually by a gun operator. The shock sound waves split up the ice bearing layers of the cloud and it is observed that it either comes down as rain or the thin sleet that do not damage the fruit

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